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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-02-01Pandemic, power and paradox: Improvising as the New Normal during the COVID-19 crisisSimpson, AV; Panayiotou, A; Berti, M; e Cunha, MP; Kanji, S; Clegg, S
2021-01-01The historical embeddedness of organizational paradoxes: Risk-related rituals and realities in emergency managementPierides, D; Clegg, S; e Cunha, MP
2018-12Analyzing competing demands in organizations: a systematic comparisonGaim, M; Wåhlin, N; e Cunha, MP; Clegg, S
2016-05-03Kafkaesque power and bureaucracyClegg, S; e Cunha, MP; Munro, I; Rego, A; de Sousa, MO
2015-02-24The evil of utopiaClegg, S; e Cunha, MP; Rego, A
2014-03-01Smells like team spirit: Opening a paradoxical black boxSilva, T; e Cunha, MP; Clegg, SR; Neves, P; Rego, A; Rodrigues, RA
2014-01-01Doing compassion or doing discipline? Power relations and the Magdalene LaundriesSimpson, AV; Clegg, SR; Lopes, MP; e Cunha, MP; Rego, A; Pitsis, T
2013-02-01The case for transcendent followershipe Cunha, MP; Rego, A; Clegg, S; Neves, P
2013-01-01Surprising organizatione Cunha, MP; Clegg, S; Rego, A
2013-01The mediating effects of organizational compassion in reducing antisocial withdrawal and promoting pro-social behavior in crisis.Simpson, AV; e Cunha, MP; Yamak, S
2012-12-01The Theory and Practice of Utopia in a Total Institution: The Pineapple PanopticonClegg, S; e Cunha, MP; Rego, A
2011-08-01Pot, alias brother number one: Leaders as instruments of historye Cunha, MP; Rego, A; Clegg, S
2010-12-01Leading and Following (Un)ethically in Limene Cunha, MP; Guimarães-Costa, N; Rego, A; Clegg, SR
2010-12-01Obedience and Evil: From Milgram and Kampuchea to Normal Organizationse Cunha, MP; Rego, A; Clegg, SR