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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-10-20Special issue: Social media as semiotic technologyPoulsen, SV; Kvåle, G; van Leeuwen, T
2017-07-06The power of semiotic software: A critical multimodal perspectiveDjonov, E; van Leeuwen, T
2016-01-01Contraceptive advertising - A critical multimodal analysisvan Leeuwen, T; Bateson, DJ; Le Hunte, B; Barratt, A; Black, KI; Kelly, M; Inoue, K; Rutherford, A; Stewart, M; Richters, J
2015-01-01Notes towards a semiotics of kinetic typographyvan Leeuwen, T; Djonov, E
2013-06-01"David Byrne really does love PowerPoint": Art as research on semiotics and semiotic technologyvan Leeuwen, T; Djonov, E; O'Halloran, KL
2012-11-01The critical analysis of musical discoursevan Leeuwen, T
2012-01Design, production and creativityvan Leeuwen, T; Rodney Jones
2011-01The semiotics of decorationvan Leeuwen, T; O'Halloran, KL; Smith, BA
2011-01Discourse and Technologyvan Leeuwen, T
2011-01Rhythm and multimodal semiosisvan Leeuwen, T; Dreyfus, S; Hood, S; Stenglin, M
2010-11-01The goldberg variations I: Assessing the academic quality of multidimensional linear texts and their re-emergence in multimedia publicationsJakubowicz, A; van Leeuwen, T
2010-01Vox humana: The Instrumental Representation of the Human Voicevan Leeuwen, T; Neumark, N; Gibson, R; van Leeuwen, T
2010-01'Globalizing the Local: The Case of an Egyptian Superhero Comic' and 'Global Media and the Regime of Lifestyle'van Leeuwen, T; Usama, S; Coupland, N
2010-01Music as Discoursevan Leeuwen, T; de Cilla, R; Gruber, H; Krzynanowski, M; Menz, F
2009-01Toy as discourse: children's war toys and the war on terrorMachin, D; van Leeuwen, T
2009-01The Language of New Media Design: Theory and PracticeMartinec, R; van Leeuwen, T
2008-05-01Discourse and Practice: New Tools for Critical Analysisvan Leeuwen, T
2008-01-01New forms of writing, new visual competenciesvan Leeuwen, T
2008-01News genresvan Leeuwen, T; Wodak, R; Koller, V
2008-01Space in Discoursevan Leeuwen, T; Len Unsworth