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30-Sep-2017Encountering Aboriginal Legalities through a Literary Jurisprudence of Sufferingvan Rijswijk, HM
2016Introducing complicity into the Australian imaginary: the Bethcar Case Study in the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abusevan Rijswijk, HM
2016Introduction: developing a counter-archival senseMotha, S; van Rijswijk, HM; Motha, S; van Rijswijk, H
1-Jan-2014Archiving the Northern Territory Intervention in Law and in the Literary Counter-Imaginaryvan Rijswijk, HM
Jan-2013Stolen Generations: Online Testimonies as Sources of Social Justice: Towards an Ethics of Encountervan Rijswijk, HM
Jan-2012Towards a Feminist Aesthetic of Justice: Sarah Kane's Blasted As Theorisation of the Representation of Sexual Violence in International Lawvan Rijswijk, HM
Jan-2012Justice in the Gutter: Representing Everyday Trauma in the Graphic Novels of Art SpiegelmanCrawley, K; van Rijswijk, HM
Jan-2012Stories of the Nation's Continuing Past: Responsibility for Historical Injuries in Australian Law and Alexis Wright's Carpentariavan Rijswijk, HM
Jan-2012"What Kept You So Long?": Bullying's Gray Zone and The Vampire's Transgressive Justice in Let the Right One InCrofts, P; van Rijswijk, HM
Jan-2010Mabel Hannah's Justice: a contextual re-reading of Donoghue v Stevensonvan Rijswijk, HM
Jan-2010Mrs Donoghue and The Law's Strange Neighbour: New Narratives of Modernist Traumavan Rijswijk, HM; Sheehan, P; Groth, H
Jan-2008Judy Grahn's Violent, Feminist Campvan Rijswijk, HM; Byron, G; Sneddon, A
Jan-2008The Poetics and Politics of Politics of Past Injuries: Claiming in Reparations Law and in Toni Morrison's novel Belovedvan Rijswijk, HM; Deirdre Howard-Wagner