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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-01-01A New Single-Switch Step-Up DC-DC Converter with High Gain, Reduced Voltage Stress, and Continuous Input CurrentAbbasi, M; Li, L; Aguilera, RP; Lu, D; Wang, F
-A new transformer‐less step‐up DC–DC converter with high voltage gain and reduced voltage stress on switched‐capacitors and power switches for renewable energy source applicationsAbbasi, M; Nazari, Y; Abbasi, E; Li, L
2018A Novel Controller Based on Single-Phase Instantaneous p-q Power Theory for a Cascaded PWM Transformerless STATCOM for Voltage RegulationAbbasi, M; Tousi, B; Abbasi, M
2023A Seventeen-Level Step-Up Switched-Capacitor-Based Multilevel Inverter With Reduced Charging Current Stress on Capacitors for PV ApplicationsHaghighian, SK; Yeh, H-G; Marangalu, MG; Kurdkandi, NV; Abbasi, M; Tarzamni, H
2022-01-01An efficient bi-objective approach for dynamic economic emission dispatch of renewable-integrated microgridsGholami, K; Abbasi, M; Azizivahed, A; Li, L
2018Application of an online controller for statcom to mitigate the SSR oscillationsAbbasi, M; Khazaee, S; Tousi, B
-Design and Analysis of a High-Gain Step-Up/Down Modular DC–DC Converter with Continuous Input Current and Decreased Voltage Stress on Power Switches and Switched-CapacitorsAbbasi, M; Abbasi, E; Li, L; Tousi, B
2020-12New DTR line selection method in a power system comprising DTR, ESS, and RES for increasing RES integration and minimising load sheddingShalchi, A; Abbasi, M; Abbasi, E; Tousi, B; Gharehpetian, GB
2020-03-01New family of expandable step-up/-down DC-DC converters with increased voltage gain and decreased voltage stress on capacitorsAbbasi, M; Abbasi, E; Tousi, B; Gharehpetian, GB
-New transformer‐less DC–DC converter topologies with reduced voltage stress on capacitors and increased voltage conversion ratioAbbasi, M; Abbasi, E; Li, L
2016-06-22One protein, multiple pathologies: multifaceted involvement of amyloid β in neurodegenerative disorders of the brain and retinaGupta, V; Gupta, VB; Chitranshi, N; Gangoda, S; Vander Wall, R; Abbasi, M; Golzan, M; Dheer, Y; Shah, T; Avolio, A; Chung, R; Martins, R; Graham, S
2020-10-01Optimal Placement and Sizing of TCSC for Improving the Voltage and Economic Indices of System with Stochastic Load ModelGhaedi, S; Tousi, B; Abbasi, M; Alilou, M
2018Performance evaluation of switched-diode symmetric, asymmetric and cascade multilevel converter topologies: A case studyAbbasi, M; Tousi, B
-Review on the Microgrid Concept, Structures, Components, Communication Systems, and Control MethodsAbbasi, M; Abbasi, E; Li, L; Aguilera, RP; Lu, D; Wang, F
2021-01-01Single and multi-objective optimal power flow using a new differential-based harmony search algorithmAbbasi, M; Abbasi, E; Mohammadi-Ivatloo, B