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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-11-16An exploratory investigation of schema modes in social anxiety disorder: Empirical findings and case conceptualization.Norton, AR; Penney, E; Abbott, MJ
2022-02-10Assessing negative core beliefs in eating disorders: revision of the Eating Disorder Core Beliefs Questionnaire.Hatoum, AH; Burton, AL; Abbott, MJ
2020-03-01Assessing the Clinical Utility of the Eating Beliefs Questionnaire:? Results from Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve Analysis with a Clinical SampleBurton, AL; Smith, E; Abbott, MJ
2018-09-14Beliefs about Binge Eating: Psychometric Properties of the Eating Beliefs Questionnaire (EBQ-18) in Eating Disorder, Obese, and Community Samples.Burton, AL; Mitchison, D; Hay, P; Donnelly, B; Thornton, C; Russell, J; Swinbourne, J; Basten, C; Goldstein, M; Touyz, S; Abbott, MJ
2017-07-03Confirmatory factor analysis and examination of the psychometric properties of the eating beliefs questionnaire.Burton, AL; Hay, P; Kleitman, S; Smith, E; Raman, J; Swinbourne, J; Touyz, SW; Abbott, MJ
2021-04Factors influencing inpatients perception of psychiatric hospitals: A meta-review of the literature.Modini, M; Burton, A; Abbott, MJ
2021-08Measuring state pre-event and post-event rumination in Social Anxiety Disorder: Psychometric properties of the Socially Anxious Rumination Questionnaire (SARQ).Donohue, HE; Rapee, RM; Modini, M; Norton, AR; Abbott, MJ
2022-01-01Overcoming difficulties in measuring emotional regulation: Assessing and comparing the psychometric properties of the DERS long and short formsBurton, AL; Brown, R; Abbott, MJ
2016-02Psychometric evaluation of self-report measures of binge-eating symptoms and related psychopathology: A systematic review of the literature.Burton, AL; Abbott, MJ; Modini, M; Touyz, S
2020-12Psychometric properties of the Intolerance of Uncertainty Scale-12 in generalized anxiety disorder: Assessment of factor structure, measurement properties and clinical utility.Wilson, EJ; Stapinski, L; Dueber, DM; Rapee, RM; Burton, AL; Abbott, MJ
2021-03Psychometric properties of the Self-Beliefs related to Social Anxiety (SBSA) scale in a sample of individuals with social anxiety disorder.Wong, QJJ; Gregory, B; Norton, AR; Shikatani, B; Boulton, KA; Torok, M; Porter, MA; Peters, L; Abbott, MJ; Antony, MM
2022-12Psychometric properties of the state Probability and Consequences Questionnaire for social anxiety disorder.Shnier, NL; Burton, AL; Rapee, RM; Modini, M; Abbott, MJ
2021-12-01Rescripting Social Trauma: A Pilot Study Investigating Imagery Rescripting as an Adjunct to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Social Anxiety DisorderNorton, AR; Abbott, MJ; Dobinson, KA; Pepper, KL; Guastella, AJ
2022-12The relationship between distress tolerance and symptoms of depression: Validation of the Distress Tolerance Scale (DTS) and short-form (DTS-SF).Brown, RJ; Burton, AL; Abbott, MJ
2018The revised short-form of the Eating Beliefs Questionnaire: Measuring positive, negative, and permissive beliefs about binge eating.Burton, AL; Abbott, MJ