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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-11-02Classification of finger extension and flexion of EMG and Cyberglove data with modified ICA weight matrixNaik, GR; Acharyya, A; Nguyen, HT
2017-09-13CNN based approach for activity recognition using a wrist-worn accelerometerPanwar, M; Ram Dyuthi, S; Chandra Prakash, K; Biswas, D; Acharyya, A; Maharatna, K; Gautam, A; Naik, GR
2017-09-13Differences in lower limb muscle activation patterns during Sit to Stand Task for different heel heightsNaik, GR; Pratihast, M; Chai, R; Al-Ani, A; Acharyya, A; Nguyen, HT
2018-03-01An ICA-EBM-based sEMG classifier for recognizing lower limb movements in individuals with and without knee pathologyNaik, GR; Selvan, SE; Arjunan, SP; Acharyya, A; Kumar, DK; Ramanujam, A; Nguyen, HT
2016-12-09Low complexity single channel ICA architecture design methodology for pervasive healthcare applicationsBhardwaj, S; Bhagyaraja, A; Shashank, R; Jadhav, P; Biswas, D; Acharyya, A; Naik, GR
2018-05-01Low-complexity hardware design methodology for reliable and automated removal of ocular and muscular artifact from EEGAcharyya, A; Jadhav, PN; Bono, V; Maharatna, K; Naik, GR
2015-11-04Multiscale PCA to distinguish regular and irregular surfaces using tri axial head and trunk acceleration signalsPendharkar, G; Naik, GR; Acharyya, A; Nguyen, HT
2016-01-01Principal Component Analysis Applied to Surface Electromyography: A Comprehensive ReviewNaik, GR; Selvan, SE; Gobbo, M; Acharyya, A; Nguyen, HT
2016-10-13Reconfigurable hardware-software codesign methodology for protein identificationGudur, VY; Thallada, S; Deevi, AR; Gande, VK; Acharyya, A; Bhandari, V; Sharma, P; Khursheed, S; Naik, GR
2016-10-13Shape memory alloy smart knee spacer to enhance knee functionality: Model design and finite element analysisGautam, A; Rani, AB; Callejas, MA; Acharyya, SG; Acharyya, A; Biswas, D; Bhandari, V; Sharma, P; Naik, GR
2017-09-13Shape memory effect of nano-ferromagnetic particle doped NiTi for orthopedic devices and rehabilitation techniquesGautam, A; Balouria, A; Acharyya, A; Acharyya, SG; Panwar, M; Naik, GR