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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-09A Core Outcome Set for Research Evaluating Interventions to Prevent and/or Treat Delirium in Critically Ill Adults: An International Consensus Study (Del-COrS).Rose, L; Burry, L; Agar, M; Campbell, NL; Clarke, M; Lee, J; Marshall, JC; Devlin, JW; Blackwood, B; Needham, DM; Siddiqi, N; Page, V; Del-COrS Group,
2021-06-18A core outcome set for studies evaluating interventions to prevent and/or treat delirium for adults requiring an acute care hospital admission: an international key stakeholder informed consensus studyRose, L; Burry, L; Agar, M; Blackwood, B; Campbell, NL; Clarke, M; Devlin, JW; Lee, J; Marshall, JC; Needham, DM; Siddiqi, N; Page, V
2020-10A Multicomponent Nonpharmacological Intervention to Prevent Delirium for Hospitalized People with Advanced Cancer: A Phase II Cluster Randomized Waitlist Controlled Trial (The PRESERVE Pilot Study).Hosie, A; Phillips, J; Lam, L; Kochovska, S; Noble, B; Brassil, M; Kurrle, S; Cumming, A; Caplan, GA; Chye, R; Ely, EW; Lawlor, PG; Bush, SH; Davis, JM; Lovell, M; Parr, C; Williams, S; Hauser, K; McArdle, S; Jacquier, K; Phillipson, C; Kuwahata, L; Kerfoot, J; Brown, L; Fazekas, B; Cheah, SL; Edwards, L; Green, A; Hunt, J; Attwood, R; Assen, T; Garcia, M; Wilcock, J; Agar, M
2023-02-13A Retrospective Medical Record Review of Adults with Non-Cancer Diagnoses Prescribed Medicinal Cannabis.Morris, M; Chye, R; Liu, Z; Agar, M; Razmovski-Naumovski, V
2018A Systematic Review of Successful Elements of Interventions for Heart Failure Patients With Mild Cognitive ImpairmentHickman, L; Parker, D; Ferguson, C; Allida, S; Davidson, P; Agar, M
2020-04-22A systematic review of the overlap of fluid biomarkers in delirium and advanced cancer-related syndromes.Amgarth-Duff, I; Hosie, A; Caplan, G; Agar, M
2015-06-01Adaptation of international guidelines on assessment and management of cancer pain for the Australian contextLovell, M; Luckett, T; Boyle, F; Stubbs, J; Phillips, J; Davidson, PM; Olver, I; von Dincklage, J; Agar, M
2015-01-01Advance care planning in 21st century Australia: A systematic review and appraisal of online advance care directive templates against national framework criteriaLuckett, T; Bhattarai, P; Phillips, J; Agar, M; Currow, D; Krastev, Y; Davidson, PM
2019-12Advance care planning in different settings for people with dementia: A systematic review and narrative synthesis.Kelly, AJ; Luckett, T; Clayton, JM; Gabb, L; Kochovska, S; Agar, M
2022-08-01An International Expert Delphi Consensus to Develop Dedicated Geriatric Radiation Oncology Curriculum Learning Outcomes.Morris, L; Turner, S; Thiruthaneeswaran, N; O'Donovan, A; Simcock, R; Cree, A; Phillips, J; Alibhai, S; Puts, M; Szumacher, E; Lane, H; Berger, A; Agar, M
2021-06-09Analysis of discharge documentation for older adults living with dementia: A cohort study.Parker, KJ; Phillips, JL; Luckett, T; Agar, M; Ferguson, C; Hickman, LD
2014-01-01An analytical framework for delirium research in palliative care settings: Integrated epidemiologic, clinician-researcher, and knowledge user perspectivesLawlor, PG; Davis, DHJ; Ansari, M; Hosie, A; Kanji, S; Momoli, F; Bush, SH; Watanabe, S; Currow, DC; Gagnon, B; Agar, M; Bruera, E; Meagher, DJ; De Rooij, SEJA; Adamis, D; Caraceni, A; Marchington, K; Stewart, DJ
2022-01-01Appetite-Related Distress Is Burdensome in the Last Sixty Days of Life of People Receiving Palliative Care: A National Longitudinal Consecutive Cohort Study.Sousa, MS; Davis, W; Blanchard, M; Razmovski-Naumovski, V; Agar, M; Daveson, B; Hsm, D; Currow, DC
2020-05-12Are people in residential care entitled to receive rehabilitation services following hip fracture? Views of the public from a citizens' jury.Crotty, M; Gnanamanickam, ES; Cameron, I; Agar, M; Ratcliffe, J; Laver, K
-Assessing patient-reported outcomes in routine cancer clinical care using electronic administration and telehealth technologies: a realist synthesis of potential mechanisms for improving health outcomes (Preprint)Govindaraj, R; Agar, M; Currow, D; Luckett, T
2020-01Assessing quality of life in palliative care settings: head-to-head comparison of four patient-reported outcome measures (EORTC QLQ-C15-PAL, FACT-Pal, FACT-Pal-14, FACT-G7).King, MT; Agar, M; Currow, DC; Hardy, J; Fazekas, B; McCaffrey, N
2020Australian long-term care personnel's knowledge and attitudes regarding palliative care for people with advanced dementia.Luckett, T; Luscombe, G; Phillips, J; Beattie, E; Chenoweth, L; Davidson, PM; Goodall, S; Pond, D; Mitchell, G; Agar, M
2021-10-30Australian Palliative Care for Chronic Cancer Patients in the CommunityLuckett, T; Agar, M; Phillips, J
2014-01-01Australian survey of current practice and guideline use in adult cancer pain assessment and management: Perspectives of oncologistsLuckett, T; Davidson, PM; Boyle, F; Liauw, W; Agar, M; Green, A; Lovell, M