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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-06-21Air pollution perception in ten countries during the COVID-19 pandemicLou, B; Barbieri, DM; Passavanti, M; Hui, C; Gupta, A; Hoff, I; Lessa, DA; Sikka, G; Chang, K; Fang, K; Lam, L; Maharaj, B; Ghasemi, N; Qiao, Y; Adomako, S; Foroutan Mirhosseini, A; Naik, B; Banerjee, A; Wang, F; Tucker, A; Liu, Z; Wijayaratna, K; Naseri, S; Yu, L; Chen, H; Shu, B; Goswami, S; Peprah, P; Hessami, A; Abbas, M; Agarwal, N
2016-03-21Benchmarking management practices in Australian public healthcareAgarwal, R; Green, R; Agarwal, N; Randhawa, K
-Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on mobility in ten countries and associated perceived risk for all transport modesBarbieri, DM; Lou, B; Passavanti, M; Hui, C; Hoff, I; Lessa, DA; Sikka, G; Chang, K; Gupta, A; Fang, K; Banerjee, A; Maharaj, B; Lam, L; Ghasemi, N; Naik, B; Wang, F; Foroutan Mirhosseini, A; Naseri, S; Liu, Z; Qiao, Y; Tucker, A; Wijayaratna, K; Peprah, P; Adomako, S; Yu, L; Goswami, S; Chen, H; Shu, B; Hessami, A; Abbas, M; Agarwal, N; Rashidi, TH
2016-05-16Management practices in Australian healthcare: can NSW public hospitals do better?Agarwal, R; Green, R; Agarwal, N; Randhawa, K
2012-12-01Message from the SCA2012 chairsZhou, A; Xu, G; Agarwal, N; King, I; Nejdl, W; Wang, F
2014-01-01Social cyber systems - Challenges, opportunities, and beyondAgarwal, N; Zhou, A; Xu, G
2014-01-01Special issue on social computing and its applicationsXu, G; Zhou, A; Agarwal, N