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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-01Analysis of the Topology for Moving Wireless NetworksNavarrete Guzman, GP; Agbinya, JI; Momani, M; Akache, M; N/A
2007-03-12T22:05:39ZAnalysis of the Topology for Moving Wireless NetworksAkache, M; Momani, M; Navarrete, GP; Agbinya, JI
2006-01An Applicable GSM Network Model for Networking in Rural EnvironmentLi, Y; Agbinya, JI; Chan, H
2004-01Architectures of Moving Wireless NetworksNavarrete Guzman, GP; Sandvik, SI; Agbinya, JI; Wysocki, BJ; Wysocki, TA
2008-09-22Artificial immune system inspired danger modelling in wireless mesh networksLebbe, MA; Agbinya, JI; Chaczko, Z; Braun, R
2010-01Authentication of Subjects and Devices Using Biometrics and Identity Management Systems for Persuasive Mobile Computing: A Survey PaperMastali, N; Agbinya, JI; Technical Committee
2005-01Automatic Online Porn Detection and TrackingAgbinya, JI; Lok, BK; Da Silva, S; Wong, A; N/A
2005-01Benefits of Fixed to Mobile Substitution in AfricaLi, Y; Agbinya, JI; N/A
2005-01Board Games of African Origin and Mobile PhonesAgbinya, JI; Henney, AJ; N/A
2009Business Process Re-engineering in Saudi Arabia: A Survey of Understanding and Attitudes.Rahali, E; Chaczko, Z; Agbinya, JI; Chiu, C
2011-01Chapter 16 Magneto - Inductive Waveguide DevicesMasihpour, M; Agbinya, JI; Agbinya, J
2011-01Chapter 18 Wireless Power TransferMasihpour, M; Agbinya, JI; Agbinya, J
2011-01Chapter 20 NFMIC SimulatorMasihpour, M; Agbinya, JI; Agbinya, J
2010-01Characteristics Of The Magnetic Bubble 'Cone Of Silence' In Near-Field Magnetic Induction CommunicationsAgbinya, JI; Thilak, N; Ollett, A; Ibos, S; Ooi-Sanchez, Y; Brennan, M; Chaczko, ZC
1998-01CLICK-IT: Interactive Television For Sports Action ReplayRees, D; Agbinya, JI; Stone, N; Chen, F; Seneviratne, S; de Burgh, M; Burch, A; NA
2011-01Combating key-swapping collusion attack on random pairwise key pre-distribution schemes for wireless sensor networksTran, T; Agbinya, JI
2005-01Communication Cost of SIP Signalling in Wireless Networks and ServicesLakay, ET; Agbinya, JI; N/A
2005-01A comparison of ultra wideband signal functions for wireless ad hoc networksAgbinya, JI; Truong, HD; He, X; Hintz, T; Piccardi, M; Wu, Q; Huang, M; Tien, D
2005-01Comparison of Ultra Wideband Signal Synthesis and Bandwidth Expansion Using Hermite and Wavelet FunctionsAgbinya, JI; Truong, HD; N/A
2007-01A Comprehensive Analytical Model for Video over IP in Telecollaboration Business System EnvironmentsMahadevan, V; Chaczko, ZC; Agbinya, JI; Ha, QP; Kwok, NM