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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-01-01Capacitance minimization in modular multilevel converters: Using model predictive control to inject optimal circulating currents and zero-sequence voltageTownsend, CD; Aguilera, R; Acuna, P; Konstantinou, G; Pou, J; Mirzaeva, G; Goodwin, GC
2022-07-01Dual-Stage Control Strategy for a Flying Capacitor Converter Based on Model Predictive and Linear ControllersLezana, P; Norambuena, M; Aguilera, R
2022-04-01Latest Advances of Model Predictive Control in Electrical DrivesuPart I: Basic Concepts and Advanced StrategiesRodriguez, J; Garcia, C; Mora, A; Flores-Bahamonde, F; Acuna, P; Novak, M; Zhang, Y; Tarisciotti, L; Davari, SA; Zhang, Z; Wang, F; Norambuena, M; Dragicevic, T; Blaabjerg, F; Geyer, T; Kennel, R; Khaburi, D; Abdelrahem, M; Zhang, Z; Mijatovic, N; Aguilera, R
2015-01-01Predictive direct power control for grid connected power converters with dc-link voltage dynamic reference designVazquez, S; Marquez, A; Aguilera, R; Quevedo, DE; Leon, JI; Franquelo, LG
2015-01-01Predictive Optimal Switching Sequence Direct Power Control for Grid-Connected Power ConvertersVazquez, S; Marquez, A; Aguilera, R; Quevedo, D; Leon, JI; Franquelo, LG
2015-12-16Reference design for predictive control of modular multilevel convertersLopez, A; Quevedo, DE; Aguilera, R; Geyer, T; Oikonomou, N
2015-07-01A single-objective predictive control method for a multivariable single-phase three-level NPC converter-based active power filterAcuña, P; Morán, L; Rivera, M; Aguilera, R; Burgos, R; Agelidis, VG
2015-10-27Validation of a reduced order model for modular multilevel converters and analysis of circulating currentLopez, AM; Quevedo, DE; Aguilera, R; Geyer, T; Oikonomou, N