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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12A review on lithium recovery using electrochemical capturing systemsZavahir, S; Elmakki, T; Gulied, M; Ahmad, Z; Al-Sulaiti, L; Shon, HK; Chen, Y; Park, H; Batchelor, B; Han, DS
2022-06-01Advanced catalysts and effect of operating parameters in ethanol dry reforming for hydrogen generation. A reviewShafiqah, MNN; Siang, TJ; Kumar, PS; Ahmad, Z; Jalil, AA; Bahari, MB; Van Le, Q; Xiao, L; Mofijur, M; Xia, C; Ahmed, SF; Vo, DVN
2021-11-01Effect of primary and secondary alcohols as oxygenated additives on the performance and emission characteristics of diesel engineMujtaba, MA; Muk Cho, H; Masjuki, HH; Kalam, MA; Farooq, M; Soudagar, MEM; Gul, M; Afzal, A; Ahmed, W; Raza, A; Khan, TMY; Bashir, S; Ahmad, Z
2001-06A longitudinal study of salivary sialic acid in preterm infants: Comparison of human milk-fed versus formula-fed infants.Wang, B; Miller, JB; Sun, Y; Ahmad, Z; McVeagh, P; Petocz, P
2019-01-01Millimeter-wave broadband antennas with low profile dielectric coversBaba, AA; Hashmi, RM; Esselle, KP; Ahmad, Z; Hesselbarth, J
2023-02-27Novel LiAlO2 Material for Scalable and Facile Lithium Recovery Using Electrochemical Ion Pumping.Elmakki, T; Zavahir, S; Hafsa, U; Al-Sulaiti, L; Ahmad, Z; Chen, Y; Park, H; Shon, HK; Ho, Y-C; Han, DS
2016-08-01Sensing performance optimization by tuning surface morphology of organic (D-pi-A) dye based humidity sensorAl-Sehemi, AG; Al-Assiri, MS; Kalam, A; Zafar, Q; Azmer, MI; Sulaiman, K; Ahmad, Z