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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-09-06Arena Knowledge Sharing Demand Flexibility Portfolio Retrospective Analysis ReportBriggs, C; Hasan, K; Dwyer, S; Tayab, UB; Niklas, S; Alexander, D; Chatterjee, A
2007The Contribution Of Apolipoprotein E Alleles On Cognitive Performance And Dynamic Neural Activity Over Six DecadesAlexander, D; Williams, L; Gatt, J; Dobson-Stone, C; Kuan, S; Todd, E; Schofield, P; Cooper, N
2006Contribution of lateral interactions in V1 to organisation of response propertiesWright, J; Alexander, D; Bourke, P
2017-06-28Demand Management Incentives Review: Creating a level playing field for network DM in the National Electricity MarketDunstan, C; Alexander, D; Morris, T; Langham, E; Jazbec, M
2020-07-01DER Customer Insights: The Customer JourneyDwyer, S; Alexander, D; Briggs, C; Riedy, C
2020-07-01DER Customer Insights: Values and MotivationsAlexander, D; Dwyer, S; Briggs, C; Riedy, C
2023-12-01Developing energy flexibility in clusters of buildings: A critical analysis of barriers from planning to operationLe Dréau, J; Lopes, RA; O'Connell, S; Finn, D; Hu, M; Queiroz, H; Alexander, D; Satchwell, A; Österreicher, D; Polly, B; Arteconi, A; de Andrade Pereira, F; Hall, M; Kırant-Mitić, T; Cai, H; Johra, H; Kazmi, H; Li, R; Liu, A; Nespoli, L; Saeed, MH
2006EEG Markers for Cognitive Decline in Elderly Subjects with subjective memory complaintsAlexander, D; Arns, M; Paul, R; Rowe, D; Cooper, N; Esser, A; Fallahpour, K
2019-03-13Harnessing voltage regulation services behind the meter: challenges to deploymentAlexander, D; Wyndham, J
2006Measurement of phase gradients in the EEGAlexander, D; Trengove, C; Wright, J; Boord, P; Gordon, E
2016-12-01Network Services from Distributed Solar PV and InvertersWyndham, J; James, G; McIntosh, L; Alexander, D; Egan, R; Passey, R
2019-08-01Networks Renewed: Project Results and Lessons LearntJames, G; Alexander, D; Wyndham, J; McIntosh, L; Nagrath, K; Dwyer, S
2017-02-08Networks Renewed: Technical AnalysisAlexander, D; Wyndham, J; James, G; McIntosh, L
2019-02-21Renewable Energy and Load Management for IndustryBriggs, C; McIntosh, L; Wyndham, J; Morris, T; Alexander, D
2019RENEWABLE ENERGY OPTIONS FOR INDUSTRIAL PROCESS HEATLovegrove, K; Alexander, D; Bader, R; Stephen, E; Michael, L; Mojiri, A; Rutovitz, J; Hugh, S; Cameron, S; Urkalan, K; Watt, M
2022-03-08Resilient Buildings and Distributed Energy: A Grassroots Community Response to the Climate EmergencyNiklas, S; Alexander, D; Dwyer, S
2019-11-19Solar Optimisation Upgrades in the Victorian Commercial and Industrial SectorWyndham, J; Briggs, C; Alexander, D; Maras, K; Morris, T; Dunstan, C
2017-03-01Storage requirements for reliable electricity in AustraliaRutovitz, J; James, G; Teske, S; Mpofu, S; Usher, J; Morris, T; Alexander, D
2019-12-20Sustainability performance assessment of palm oil producersNagrath, K; Alexander, D; Dominish, E; Mey, F