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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2002Designing Learning Activities for an International Online Sttudent Body:What Have We Learned?Alexander, SA
Jan-2006Dissemination of innovations: a case studyAlexander, SA; Markauskaite, L; Goodyear, P; Reimann, P
Jan-2005Dissemination, adoption and adaptation of project innovations in higher educationMcKenzie, JA; Alexander, SA; Harper, C; Anderson, S
Jan-2001E-learning developments and experiencesAlexander, SA
Jan-2004Learners creating the learning environmentAlexander, SA; Selinger, M
Jan-2006Rethinking Curriculum: Achieving Qualitatively Different Outcomes Using Information TechnologiesAlexander, SA
2014Setting learning analytics in context: overcoming the barriers to large-scale adoptionFerguson, R; Clow, D; Macfadyen, L; Essa, A; Dawson, S; Alexander, SA
Jan-2002Sim Assessment: enhancing academics under-standing of assessment through computer simulationAlexander, SA; Kandlbinder, PA; Howson, E; Lukito, L; Francois, A; Housego, SC; Williamson, A; Gunn, C; Young, A; Clear, T
Jan-2006Towards a mapping of the field of e-learningAlexander, SA; Harper, C; Anderson, TK; Golja, T; Lowe, DB; McLaughlan, RG; Schaverien, LR; Thompson, DG; Kommers, P; Richards, G
Jan-2007Using students' experiences to derive quality in an e-learning system An institution's perspectiveAlexander, SA; Golja, T
Jan-2006Variation in ways of experiencing dissemination: Implications for the adoption and adaption of teaching and learning innovation projectsMcKenzie, JA; Alexander, SA; Bunker, A; Vardi, I