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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-04-01Antihypertensive-related adverse drug reactions among older hospitalized adultsAlhawassi, TM; Krass, I; Pont, LG
2016-06-27Does a Mobile Phone Depression-Screening App Motivate Mobile Phone Users With High Depressive Symptoms to Seek a Health Care Professional’s Help?BinDhim, NF; Alanazi, EM; Aljadhey, H; Basyouni, MH; Kowalski, SR; Pont, LG; Shaman, AM; Trevena, L; Alhawassi, TM
2019-08-03Factors that facilitate reporting of adverse drug reactions by pharmacists in Saudi ArabiaAldryhim, AY; Alomair, A; Alqhtani, M; Mahmoud, MA; Alshammari, TM; Pont, LG; Kamal, KM; Aljadhey, H; Mekonnen, AB; Alwhaibi, M; Balkhi, B; Alhawassi, TM
2015-09Impact of Hospitalization on Antihypertensive Pharmacotherapy among Older Persons.Alhawassi, TM; Krass, I; Pont, LG
2017-12-01Prevalence, management and control of hypertension in older adults on admission to hospitalAlhawassi, TM; Krass, I; Pont, LG
2015Prevalence, prescribing and barriers to effective management of hypertension in older populations: a narrative review.Alhawassi, TM; Krass, I; Pont, LG
2018-02-12Readiness and willingness to provide immunization services: a survey of community pharmacists in Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaBalkhi, B; Aljadhey, H; Mahmoud, MA; Alrasheed, M; Pont, LG; Mekonnen, AB; Alhawassi, TM
2014-12-01A systematic review of the prevalence and risk factors for adverse drug reactions in the elderly in the acute care settingAlhawassi, TM; Krass, I; Bajorek, B; Pont, LG