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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-11-13A Comparison of Common Video Game versus Real-World Heads-Up-Display Designs for the Purpose of Target Localization and IdentificationTian, Y; Minton, AG; Zhu, HY; Notaro, G; Galvan, R; Wang, Y-K; Chen, H-T; Allen, J; Ziegler, MD; Lin, C-T
2021-03-01A Decade of Design-led Sustainability Projects at Western SydneyMellick Lopes, A; Allen, J
2022-04A feasibility and acceptability pilot for the longitudinal measurement of inspiratory and expiratory pressures in people with advanced pancreatic cancer.Allen, J; Dudgeon, D; Hunt, T; Currow, DC
2009-01Beyond anecdotes: The development of social capital through inter-community sport eventsSchulenkorf, N; Thomson, AK; Schlenker, K; Allen, J
2020-01-23Blood pressure monitoring in high-risk pregnancy to improve the detection and monitoring of hypertension (the BUMP 1 and 2 trials): protocol for two linked randomised controlled trials.Dougall, G; Franssen, M; Tucker, KL; Yu, L-M; Hinton, L; Rivero-Arias, O; Abel, L; Allen, J; Band, RJ; Chisholm, A; Crawford, C; Green, M; Greenfield, S; Hodgkinson, J; Leeson, P; McCourt, C; MacKillop, L; Nickless, A; Sandall, J; Santos, M; Tarassenko, L; Velardo, C; Wilson, H; Yardley, L; Chappell, L; McManus, RJ
2013-09-19Caseload midwifery care versus standard maternity care for women of any risk: M@NGO, a randomised controlled trialTracy, SK; Hartz, DL; Tracy, MB; Allen, J; Forti, A; Hall, B; White, J; Lainchbury, A; Stapleton, H; Beckmann, M; Bisits, A; Homer, C; Foureur, M; Welsh, A; Kildea, S
2010-11-01Characterization of PXR mediated P-glycoprotein regulation in intestinal LS174T cellsKota, BP; Tran, VH; Allen, J; Bebawy, M; Roufogalis, BD
2023-01-28Developing and evaluating Birthing on Country services for First Nations Australians: the Building On Our Strengths (BOOSt) prospective mixed methods birth cohort study protocol.Haora, P; Roe, Y; Hickey, S; Gao, Y; Nelson, C; Allen, J; Briggs, M; Worner, F; Kruske, S; Watego, K; Maidment, S-J; Hartz, D; Sherwood, J; Barclay, L; Tracy, S; Tracy, M; Wilkes, L; West, R; Grant, N; Kildea, S
2022-10Development of a co-designed, evidence-based, multi-pronged strategy to support normal birth.Allen, J; Toohill, J; Creedy, DK; Callander, EJ; Gamble, J
2001-01Early responses to Salmonella typhimurium infection in mice occur at focal lesions in infected organs.Khan, SA; Strijbos, PJ; Everest, P; Moss, D; Stratford, R; Mastroeni, P; Allen, J; Servos, S; Charles, IG; Dougan, G; Maskell, DJ
2022-05-03Effect of Self-monitoring of Blood Pressure on Blood Pressure Control in Pregnant Individuals With Chronic or Gestational Hypertension: The BUMP 2 Randomized Clinical Trial.Chappell, LC; Tucker, KL; Galal, U; Yu, L-M; Campbell, H; Rivero-Arias, O; Allen, J; Band, R; Chisholm, A; Crawford, C; Dougall, G; Engonidou, L; Franssen, M; Green, M; Greenfield, S; Hinton, L; Hodgkinson, J; Lavallee, L; Leeson, P; McCourt, C; Mackillop, L; Sandall, J; Santos, M; Tarassenko, L; Velardo, C; Wilson, H; Yardley, L; McManus, RJ; BUMP 2 Investigators,
2022-05-03Effect of Self-monitoring of Blood Pressure on Diagnosis of Hypertension During Higher-Risk Pregnancy: The BUMP 1 Randomized Clinical Trial.Tucker, KL; Mort, S; Yu, L-M; Campbell, H; Rivero-Arias, O; Wilson, HM; Allen, J; Band, R; Chisholm, A; Crawford, C; Dougall, G; Engonidou, L; Franssen, M; Green, M; Greenfield, S; Hinton, L; Hodgkinson, J; Lavallee, L; Leeson, P; McCourt, C; Mackillop, L; Sandall, J; Santos, M; Tarassenko, L; Velardo, C; Yardley, L; Chappell, LC; McManus, RJ; BUMP Investigators,
2001Event management : an Australian bibliographyHuyskens, M; Allen, J; Harris, R
2002Events and place making : proceedings of international Event Research Conference, held in Sydney, July 2002Hede, A; Deery, M; Jago, L; Harris, R; Allen, J
2000Events beyond 2000 : setting the agenda : proceedings of conference on event evaluation, research and education, Sydney, July 2000Jago, L; Veal, AJ; Allen, J; Harris, R
2009-01Examining rationales for government involvement in sport eventsThomson, AK; Darcy, SA; Allen, J
2020-01-01Fine-mapping of 150 breast cancer risk regions identifies 191 likely target genesFachal, L; Aschard, H; Beesley, J; Barnes, DR; Allen, J; Kar, S; Pooley, KA; Dennis, J; Michailidou, K; Turman, C; Soucy, P; Lemaçon, A; Lush, M; Tyrer, JP; Ghoussaini, M; Marjaneh, MM; Jiang, X; Agata, S; Aittomäki, K; Alonso, MR; Andrulis, IL; Anton-Culver, H; Antonenkova, NN; Arason, A; Arndt, V; Aronson, KJ; Arun, BK; Auber, B; Auer, PL; Azzollini, J; Balmaña, J; Barkardottir, RB; Barrowdale, D; Beeghly-Fadiel, A; Benitez, J; Bermisheva, M; Białkowska, K; Blanco, AM; Blomqvist, C; Blot, W; Bogdanova, NV; Bojesen, SE; Bolla, MK; Bonanni, B; Borg, A; Bosse, K; Brauch, H; Brenner, H; Briceno, I; Brock, IW; Brooks-Wilson, A; Brüning, T; Burwinkel, B; Buys, SS; Cai, Q; Caldés, T; Caligo, MA; Camp, NJ; Campbell, I; Canzian, F; Carroll, JS; Carter, BD; Castelao, JE; Chiquette, J; Christiansen, H; Chung, WK; Claes, KBM; Clarke, CL; Mari, V; Berthet, P; Castera, L; Vaur, D; Lallaoui, H; Bignon, YJ; Uhrhammer, N; Bonadona, V; Lasset, C; Révillion, F; Vennin, P; Muller, D; Gomes, DM; Ingster, O; Coupier, I; Pujol, P; Collonge-Rame, MA; Mortemousque, I; Bera, O; Rose, M; Baurand, A; Bertolone, G; Faivre, L; Dreyfus, H; Leroux, D; Venat-Bouvet, L; Bézieau, S; Delnatte, C; Chiesa, J; Gilbert-Dussardier, B; Gesta, P; Prieur, FP
2012IDEN: Industrial Design Educators NetworkChamorro-Koc, M; Scott, A; Fry, T; Allen, J; Andrews, T; Mellick-Lopes, A; Withell, A; Reay, S; Montague, J; Pandolfo, B; Park, M
2019-01-01The impact of caseload midwifery, compared with standard care, on women's perceptions of antenatal care quality: Survey results from the M@NGO randomized controlled trial for women of any riskAllen, J; Kildea, S; Tracy, MB; Hartz, DL; Welsh, AW; Tracy, SK
2019-10-01Implementing Birthing on Country services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families: RISE FrameworkKildea, S; Hickey, S; Barclay, L; Kruske, S; Nelson, C; Sherwood, J; Allen, J; Gao, Y; Blackman, R; Roe, YL