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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-05-19A Cycle Architecture Based on Policy Gradient for Unsupervised Video SummarizationAn, Y; Zhao, S; Zhang, G
2022-07A novel combined forecasting model based on neural networks, deep learning approaches, and multi-objective optimization for short-term wind speed forecastingWang, J; An, Y; Li, Z; Lu, H
2020-09-02A Robust Intrinsically Green Fluorescent Poly(Amidoamine) Dendrimer for Imaging and Traceable Central Nervous System Delivery in Zebrafish.Wang, G; Zhao, X; Wu, H; Lovejoy, DB; Zheng, M; Lee, A; Fu, L; Miao, K; An, Y; Sayyadi, N; Ding, K; Chung, RS; Lu, Y; Li, J; Morsch, M; Shi, B
2022-11-25A Stacking Ensemble Approach for Supervised Video SummarizationAn, Y; Zhao, S; Zhang, G
2023-07An EEG-based brain-computer interface for real-time multi-task robotic control.An, Y; Wong, JKW; Ling, SH
2024-02-16Assessing the role of global food commodity prices in achieving the 2030 agenda for SDGs.Shen, Y; Chen, Y; Shi, X; An, Y; Yang, M; Qi, Y
2022-02-23Auto-Denoising for EEG Signals Using Generative Adversarial Network.An, Y; Lam, HK; Ling, SH
2021-04Carbon emission reduction characteristics for China's manufacturing firms: Implications for formulating carbon policies.An, Y; Zhou, D; Yu, J; Shi, X; Wang, Q
2023-12-01China's manufacturing firms' willingness to pay for carbon abatement: A cost perspectiveAn, Y; Shi, X; Wang, Q; Yu, J; Zhou, D; Zhou, X
2024-04Development of real-time brain-computer interface control system for robotAn, Y; Wong, J; Ling, SH
2023-08-01Emissions trading scheme and green development in China: Impact of city heterogeneityZhai, X; An, Y; Shi, X; Cui, H
2019-07-01Lung Nodule Classification using A Novel Two-stage Convolutional Neural Networks Structure'An, Y; Hu, T; Wang, J; Lyu, J; Banerjee, S; Ling, SH
2022-02-10Measurement of green transition and its driving factors: Evidence from ChinaZhai, X; An, Y; Shi, X; Liu, X
2022-02-01Mitigating size bias for carbon pricing in small Asia-Pacific countries: Increasing block carbon taxAn, Y; Zhou, D; Wang, Q; Shi, X; Taghizadeh-Hesary, F
2022-07-18Multi-classification for EEG Motor Imagery Signals using Auto-selected Filter Bank Regularized Common Spatial PatternAn, Y; Han, SH; Ho Ling, S
2023-06-01Multi-classification for EEG motor imagery signals using data evaluation-based auto-selected regularized FBCSP and convolutional neural networkAn, Y; Lam, HK; Ling, SH
2021-12-01Research of a combined wind speed model based on multi-objective ant lion optimization algorithmAn, Y; Wang, J; Lu, H; Zhao, W
2019-02-01ResInNet: A Novel Deep Neural Network with Feature Reuse for Internet of ThingsSun, X; Gui, G; Li, Y; Liu, RP; An, Y
2011-12-01Structural design of energy-absorbing front underrun protective device for commercial vehiclesLu, S; An, Y; Fang, J; Zhang, J