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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2016Bayesian cluster detection via adjacency modellingAnderson, C; Lee, D; Dean, N
3-Feb-2017A comparison of spatio-temporal disease mapping approaches including an application to ischaemic heart disease in New South Wales, AustraliaAnderson, C; Ryan, LM
1-Jan-2014Identifying clusters in Bayesian disease mappingAnderson, C; Lee, D; Dean, N
29-Jul-2016Individual level covariate adjusted conditional autoregressive (indiCAR) model for disease mappingHuque, MH; Anderson, C; Walton, R; Ryan, L
1-Apr-2018The oral health behaviours and fluid consumption practices of young urban Aboriginal preschool children in south-western Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaGeorge, A; Grace, R; Elcombe, E; Villarosa, AR; Mack, HA; Kemp, L; Ajwani, S; Wright, DC; Anderson, C; Bucknall, N; Comino, E
1-Aug-2018A pilot survey for transients and variables with the Australian Square Kilometre Array PathfinderBhandari, S; Bannister, KW; Murphy, T; Bell, M; Raja, W; Marvil, J; Hancock, PJ; Whiting, M; Flynn, CM; Collier, JD; Kaplan, DL; Allison, JR; Anderson, C; Heywood, I; Hotan, A; Hunstead, R; Lee-Waddell, K; Madrid, JP; McConnell, D; Popping, A; Rhee, J; Sadler, E; Voronkov, MA
1-Jan-2017Spatial clustering of average risks and risk trends in Bayesian disease mappingAnderson, C; Lee, D; Dean, N
2015Tobacco use among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students: Understanding 'the social' and the effects of indigeneitySchofield, T; Sebastian, T; Donnelly, M; Anderson, C
1-Jan-2018Using data from multiple studies to develop a child growth correlation matrixAnderson, C; Xiao, L; Checkley, W