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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Can Defaults Save The Climate? Evidence From A Field Experiment On Carbon Offsetting ProgramsArana Padilla, JE; Leon, CJ
Jan-2013Correcting for Scale Perception Bias in Measuring Corruption: An Application to Chile and SpainLeon, CJ; Arana Padilla, JE; De Leon, J
Jan-2008Do emotions matter? coherent preferences under anchoring and emotional effectsArana Padilla, JE; Leon, CJ
Jan-2013Dynamic hypothetical bias in discrete choice experiments: Evidence from measuring the impact of corporate social responsibility on consumers demandLeon, CJ; Arana Padilla, JE
Jan-2012The Dynamics of Preference Elicitation after an Environmental Disaster: Stability and Emotional LoadLeon, CJ; Arana Padilla, JE
Jan-2008Emotions and decision rules in discrete choice experiments for valuing health care programmes for the elderlyArana Padilla, JE; Leon, CJ; Hanemann, WM
Jan-2011Gay Tourism in a sun and beach destinationMelián-González, A; Moreno-Gil, S; Arana Padilla, JE
Jan-2008The impact of terrorism on tourism demandArana Padilla, JE; Leon, CJ
Jan-2009The role of environmental management in consumers preferences for corporate social responsibilityArana Padilla, JE; Leon, CJ
Jan-2012Scale-Perception Bias In The Valuation Of Environmental RisksArana Padilla, JE; Leon, CJ
Jan-2009Understanding the use of non-compensatory decision rules in discrete choice experiments: The role of emotionsArana Padilla, JE; Leon, CJ
Jan-2013Valuing the social cost of corruption using subjective well being data and the technique of vignettesLeon, CJ; Arana Padilla, JE; De Leon, J