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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-08-12Anomalously strong plasmon resonances in aluminium bronze by modification of the electronic density-of-statesShahcheraghi, N; Keast, VJ; Gentle, AR; Arnold, MD; Cortie, MB
2020-05Atomic Scale Dynamics Drive Brain-like Avalanches in Percolating Nanostructured Networks.Pike, MD; Bose, SK; Mallinson, JB; Acharya, SK; Shirai, S; Galli, E; Weddell, SJ; Bones, PJ; Arnold, MD; Brown, SA
2023-09-01Brainlike Networks of Nanowires and Nanoparticles: A Change of PerspectiveDaniels, RK; Arnold, MD; Heywood, ZE; Mallinson, JB; Bones, PJ; Brown, SA
2012-06-11Calorimetric sensor for H <inf>2</inf>O <inf>2</inf>/H <inf>2</inf>O mist streamsPorkovich, AJ; Arnold, MD; Kouzmina, G; Hingley, B; Cortie, MB
2011-04-01Calorimetrie sensor for use in hydrogen peroxide aqueous solutionsPorkovich, AJ; Arnold, MD; Kouzmina, G; Hingley, B; Dowd, A; Cortie, MB
2009-11-23Comparisons of enhanced absorption in closely-coupled grating-mirror and random particle-mirror systemsArnold, MD; Smith, GB
2023-11-22Computation via Neuron-like Spiking in Percolating Networks of Nanoparticles.Studholme, SJ; Heywood, ZE; Mallinson, JB; Steel, JK; Bones, PJ; Arnold, MD; Brown, SA
2012-01-12Damping of plasmons of closely coupled sphere chains due to disordered gapsScheurer, MS; Arnold, MD; Setiadi, J; Ford, MJ
-Designing materials for plasmonic systemsBlaber, MG; Arnold, MD; Ford, MJ
2010-02-26Designing materials for plasmonic systems: The alkali-noble intermetallicsBlaber, MG; Arnold, MD; Ford, MJ
2014-01-08Determination of the elastic properties of graphene by indentation and the validity of classical models of indentationFair, KM; Arnold, MD; Ford, MJ
2021-10-01Dynamic control of polarized thermal emission from VO2 nanofinsEstherby, CA; Arnold, MD; Tai, MC; Gentle, AR
2015-11-26The effect of vacancies on the optical properties of AuAl<inf>2</inf>Keast, VJ; Wallace, JW; Wrightson, CJ; Tai, M; Gentle, A; Arnold, MD; Cortie, MB
2019-10-28Effective transport properties of conformal Voronoi-bounded columns via recurrent boundary element expansionsArnold, MD
2006-05-01An efficient solution for scattering by a perfectly conducting strip gratingArnold, MD
2022-07-14Electrochemical energy storage on nanoporous copper spongeMcPherson, DJ; Dowd, A; Arnold, MD; Gentle, A; Cortie, MB
2017-11-01Extending the applicability of the four-flux radiative transfer methodGali, MA; Gentle, AR; Arnold, MD; Smith, GB
2019-09-15High temperature optically stable spectrally-selective Ti<inf>1-x</inf>Al<inf>x</inf>N-based multilayer coating for concentrated solar thermal applicationsBilokur, M; Gentle, AR; Arnold, MD; Cortie, MB; Smith, GB
2017-10-01High Temperature Spectrally Selective Solar Absorbers Using Plasmonic AuAl2:AlN Nanoparticle CompositesBilokur, M; Gentle, A; Arnold, MD; Cortie, MB; Smith, GB
2008-04-01Image fidelity for single - layer and multi-layer silver superlensesMoore, CP; Arnold, MD; Bones, PJ; Blaikie, RJ