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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01-01BIM-FM and information requirements management: Missing links in the AEC and FM interfaceJupp, J; Awad, R
2014-01Bringing 'Active Learning' Modules into Design Education: A Manifesto for a Socially Engaged ArchitectureAwad, R; Chambers, J; Jupp, JR
2017-07-05A Change Management Perspective on the Implementation of BIM for Facilities ManagementJupp, JR; Awad, R
2013-01Developing Digital Literacy in Construction Management Education: A Design Thinking Led ApproachJupp, JR; Awad, R
2022-01-01Factors Affecting Students’ Continued Usage Intention of E-Learning During COVID-19 Pandemic: Extending Delone & Mclean IS Success ModelAwad, R; Aljaafreh, A; Salameh, A
2023-01-01FinTech Adoption in Jordan: Extending UTAUT2 with eWOM and COVID-19 Perceived RiskAljaafreh, A; Qatawneh, N; Awad, R; Alamro, H; Ma’aitah, S
2021-08-29Single-Fraction vs Multifraction Stereotactic Ablative Body Radiotherapy for Pulmonary Oligometastases (SAFRON II)Siva, S; Bressel, M; Mai, T; Le, H; Vinod, S; de Silva, H; Macdonald, S; Skala, M; Hardcastle, N; Rezo, A; Pryor, D; Gill, S; Higgs, B; Wagenfuehr, K; Montgomery, R; Awad, R; Chesson, B; Eade, T; Wong, W; Sasso, G; De Abreu Lourenco, R; Kron, T; Ball, D; Neeson, P; Bettington, C; Cook, O; Foote, M; Gowda, R; Haas, M; Haynes, NM; Hilder, B; Lao, L; Lim, A; Ludbrook, J; Jansen, T; MacManus, M; McCullough, SA; Moore, A; Ritchie, D; Shaw, M; Sia, J; Syed, F; Tang, C; Trapani, J
2013-01Volunteer Tourism and Architecture Students: What motivates and can best prepare them?Awad, R; Chambers, J; Jupp, JR