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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-08-01Background ozone level in the Sydney basin: Assessment and trend analysisDuc, H; Azzi, M; Wahid, H; Ha, QP
2023-07-07Deep learning for construction emission monitoring with low-cost sensor networkNguyen, HAD; Le, TH; Ha, QP; Azzi, M
2015-01-01Enhanced radial basis function neural networks for ozone level estimationHa, QP; Wahid, H; Duc, H; Azzi, M
2014-11-14Environmental time series analysis and estimation with extended Kalman filteringMetia, S; Oduro, SD; Ha, QP; Duc, H; Azzi, M
2011-01Estimation of Background Ozone Temporal Profiles using Neural NetworksWahid, HB; Ha, QP; Nguyen-Duc, H; Azzi, M; Chen, W; Li, S
2018-08-01Estimation of Power Plant Emissions with Unscented Kalman FilterMetia, S; Ha, QP; Duc, HN; Azzi, M
2023-01-01Long short-term memory Bayesian neural network for air pollution forecastNguyen, HAD; Ha, QP; Duc, H; Azzi, M; Jiang, N; Barthelemy, X; Riley, M
2013-01-01Neural network-based meta-modelling approach for estimating spatial distribution of air pollutant levelsWahid, H; Ha, QP; Duc, H; Azzi, M
2021-03-29The Effect of Lockdown Period during the COVID-19 Pandemic on Air Quality in Sydney Region, Australia.Duc, H; Salter, D; Azzi, M; Jiang, N; Warren, L; Watt, S; Riley, M; White, S; Trieu, T; Tzu-Chi Chang, L; Barthelemy, X; Fuchs, D; Nguyen, H
2021-03-29The Summer 2019-2020 Wildfires in East Coast Australia and Their Impacts on Air Quality and Health in New South Wales, Australia.Nguyen, HD; Azzi, M; White, S; Salter, D; Trieu, T; Morgan, G; Rahman, M; Watt, S; Riley, M; Chang, LT-C; Barthelemy, X; Fuchs, D; Lieschke, K; Nguyen, H
2015-11-01Toward sustainable energy usage in the power generation and construction sectors - a case study of AustraliaAzzi, M; Duc, H; Ha, QP