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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01Association of medication adherence and depression with the control of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and blood pressure in patients at high cardiovascular risk.Katzmann, JL; Mahfoud, F; Böhm, M; Schulz, M; Laufs, U
2020-10Development and implementation of blood pressure screening and referral guidelines for German community pharmacists.Schulz, M; Griese-Mammen, N; Schumacher, PM; Strauch, D; Freudewald, L; Said, A; Tsuyuki, RT; Laufs, U; Kintscher, U; Böhm, M; Mahfoud, F
2023-11-27Hidden sodium in effervescent-tablet dietary supplements and over-the-counter drugs: a comparative cross-sectional study.Kunz, M; Götzinger, F; Jacobs, CM; Lauder, L; Ukena, C; Meyer, MR; Laufs, U; Schulz, M; Böhm, M; Mahfoud, F
2021-10Impact of angiotensin receptor blocker product recalls on antihypertensive prescribing in Germany.Rudolph, UM; Enners, S; Kieble, M; Mahfoud, F; Böhm, M; Laufs, U; Schulz, M
2023-12Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on implementation of novel guideline-directed medical therapies for heart failure in Germany: a nationwide retrospective analysis.Kerwagen, F; Riemer, U; Wachter, R; von Haehling, S; Abdin, A; Böhm, M; Schulz, M; Störk, S
2018-09-01Impact on genitourinary function and quality of life following focal irreversible electroporation of different prostate segmentsScheltema, MJ; Chang, JI; van den Bos, W; Gielchinsky, I; Nguyen, TV; de Reijke, TM; Siriwardana, AR; Böhm, M; de la Rosette, JJ; Stricker, PD
2010-01-01Intermittent claudication as a predictor of outcome in patients with ischaemic systolic heart failure: Analysis of the controlled rosuvastatin multinational trial in heart failure trial (CORONA)Inglis, SC; McMurray, JJV; Böhm, M; Schaufelberger, M; Van Veldhuisen, DJ; Lindberg, M; Dunselman, P; Hjalmarson, A; Kjekshus, J; Waagstein, F; Wedel, H; Wikstrand, J
2020-03Letter on 'Pharmacy-based interdisciplinary intervention for patients with chronic heart failure: results of the PHARM-CHF randomized controlled trial': reply.Schulz, M; Griese-Mammen, N; Böhm, M; Laufs, U
2016Medication knowledge of patients hospitalized for heart failure at admission and after discharge.Custodis, F; Rohlehr, F; Wachter, A; Böhm, M; Schulz, M; Laufs, U
2014-01-01Multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging guided diagnostic biopsy detects significant prostate cancer and could reduce unnecessary biopsies and over detection: A prospective studyThompson, JE; Moses, D; Shnier, R; Brenner, P; Delprado, W; Ponsky, L; Pulbrook, M; Böhm, M; Haynes, AM; Hayen, A; Stricker, PD
2017-12-01A multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging-based risk model to determine the risk of significant prostate cancer prior to biopsyvan Leeuwen, PJ; Hayen, A; Thompson, JE; Moses, D; Shnier, R; Böhm, M; Abuodha, M; Haynes, AM; Ting, F; Barentsz, J; Roobol, M; Vass, J; Rasiah, K; Delprado, W; Stricker, PD
2018-09-01Pair-matched patient-reported quality of life and early oncological control following focal irreversible electroporation versus robot-assisted radical prostatectomyScheltema, MJ; Chang, JI; Böhm, M; van den Bos, W; Blazevski, A; Gielchinsky, I; Kalsbeek, AMF; van Leeuwen, PJ; Nguyen, TV; de Reijke, TM; Siriwardana, AR; Thompson, JE; de la Rosette, JJ; Stricker, PD
2018-09PHARMacy-based interdisciplinary program for patients with Chronic Heart Failure (PHARM-CHF): rationale and design of a randomized controlled trial, and results of the pilot study.Laufs, U; Griese-Mammen, N; Krueger, K; Wachter, A; Anker, SD; Koehler, F; Rettig-Ewen, V; Botermann, L; Strauch, D; Trenk, D; Böhm, M; Schulz, M
2022-12Sacubitril/valsartan in heart failure: efficacy and safety in and outside clinical trials.Abdin, A; Schulz, M; Riemer, U; Hadëri, B; Wachter, R; Laufs, U; Bauersachs, J; Kindermann, I; Vukadinović, D; Böhm, M
2020-07-23The impact of pharmacist/physician care on quality of life in elderly heart failure patients: results of the PHARM-CHF randomized controlled trial.Schulz, M; Griese-Mammen, N; Schumacher, PM; Anker, SD; Koehler, F; Ruckes, C; Rettig-Ewen, V; Wachter, R; Trenk, D; Böhm, M; Laufs, U
2022Trends in Ezetimibe Prescriptions as Monotherapy or Fixed-Dose Combination in Germany 2012-2021.Katzmann, JL; Kieble, M; Enners, S; Böhm, M; Mahfoud, F; Laufs, U; Schulz, M
2022-02-27Use of fixed-dose combination antihypertensives in Germany between 2016 and 2020: an example of guideline inertia.Mahfoud, F; Kieble, M; Enners, S; Kintscher, U; Laufs, U; Böhm, M; Schulz, M
2021-11Utilization of drugs with reports on potential efficacy or harm on COVID-19 before, during, and after the first pandemic wave.Enners, S; Gradl, G; Kieble, M; Böhm, M; Laufs, U; Schulz, M