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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2004Classifying m-Payments: A User-Centric ModelBachfischer, A; Lawrence, EM; Steele, RJ; Hoewitch, M
Jan-2005Evaluating wireless technologies in mobile payments - A customer centric approachBachfischer, A; Brookes, W; Lawrence, E; Steele, R; Chang, E
2006Exploring the benefits of using motes to monitor health: an acceptance surveyLubrin, E; Lawrence, E; Bachfischer, A; Felix Navarro, K; Culjak, G; Dini, P
Jan-2006A framework towards understanding influences on the typographic quality of textBachfischer, G; Robertson, TJ; Bachfischer, A; Isaias, P; Mcpherson, M; Banniski, F
Jan-2006Implementation models in mobile paymentsBachfischer, A; Lawrence, EM; Sahni, S
25-Sep-2008Mobile learning and student perspectives: An mReality check!Lawrence, E; Bachfischer, A; Dyson, LE; Litchfield, A
Jan-2007Mobile Learning Systems for Digital NativesAl-Khamayseh, SA; Bachfischer, A; Lawrence, EM; Culjak, G; Uskov, V
Jan-2006Mobile payment market and research - Past present and futureDahlberg, T; Mallat, N; Ondrus, J; Bachfischer, A; Rossi, M
Jan-2006Mobile technology adoption - A case studyBachfischer, A; Lawrence, EM
Jan-2006A moving type frameworkBachfischer, G; Robertson, TJ; Bachfischer, A; Bojkovic, ZS
Jan-2005On the acceptance of motes in mainstream health monitoringLubrin, E; Lawrence, EM; Bachfischer, A; Karmakar, N; Isaias, P
Jan-2006Online Teaching of large Groups in Information Technology: a survey of strategiesBachfischer, A; Lawrence, EM; Culjak, G; Prior, JR; Isaias, P; McPherson, M; Bannister, F
Jan-2008Past, present and future of mobile payments research: A literature reviewDahlberg, T; Mallat, N; Ondrus, J; Bachfischer, A
Jan-2005Reshaping the framework for analysing success of mobile payment solutionsBachfischer, A; Lawrence, EM; Karmakar, N; Isaias, P
Jan-2008Student Perspectives about Using Mobile Devices in Their StudiesBachfischer, A; Lawrence, EM; Litchfield, AJ; Dyson, LE; Raban, R; Arnedillo Sanchez, I; Isa­as, P
Jan-2004Towards Understanding of Factors Influencing User Acceptance of Mobile Payment SystemsBachfischer, A; Lawrence, EM; Steele, RJ; Isaias, P; Karmakar, N
2006Towards understanding success factors in interactive mobile governmentAl-Khamayseh, S; Lawrence, E; Bachfischer, A; Kushchu, I; Borucki, C; Fitzpatrick, G
Jan-2005Traditional acceptance theories and mobile technology adoption - a case studyBachfischer, A; Lawrence, EM; Mastorakis, N; Caballero, A; Antoniou, G; Yen, K; Stubberud, A; Zadeth, L; Grigoriadis, K