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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-07-11The characteristics, implementation and effects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health promotion tools: A systematic literature searchMcCalman, J; Tsey, K; Bainbridge, R; Rowley, K; Percival, N; O'Donoghue, L; Brands, J; Whiteside, M; Judd, J
2018-03-22Continuous quality improvement and comprehensive primary healthcare: a systems framework to improve service quality and health outcomesMcCalman, J; Bailie, R; Bainbridge, R; McPhail-Bell, K; Percival, N; Askew, D; Fagan, R; Tsey, K
2017-03-21Does Indigenous health research have impact? A systematic review of reviewsKinchin, I; Mccalman, J; Bainbridge, R; Tsey, K; Lui, FW
2016-03-10The effectiveness of implementation in Indigenous Australian healthcare: An overview of literature reviewsMcCalman, J; Bainbridge, R; Percival, N; Tsey, K
2016-08-01Evaluating research impact: The development of a research for impact toolTsey, K; Lawson, K; Kinchin, I; Bainbridge, R; McCalman, J; Watkin, F; Cadet-James, Y; Rossetto, A
2016-01-02If you knew the end of a story would you still want to hear it? Using research poems to listen to Aboriginal storiesSaunders, V; Usher, K; Tsey, K; Bainbridge, R
2018-02-01Implementing health promotion tools in Australian Indigenous primary health carePercival, NA; McCalman, J; Armit, C; O'Donoghue, L; Bainbridge, R; Rowley, K; Doyle, J; Tsey, K
2015-07-23No one's discussing the elephant in the room: Contemplating questions of research impact and benefit in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australian health researchBainbridge, R; Tsey, K; McCalman, J; Kinchin, I; Saunders, V; Watkin Lui, F; Cadet-James, Y; Miller, A; Lawson, K
2020-11-27Systems integration to promote the mental health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children: protocol for a community-driven continuous quality improvement approach.McCalman, J; Bainbridge, R; James, YC; Bailie, R; Tsey, K; Matthews, V; Ungar, M; Askew, D; Fagan, R; Visser, H; Spurling, G; Percival, N; Blignault, I; Doran, C
2021Through the eyes of students: The satisfaction of remote Indigenous boarding students' with a transition support service in Queensland, AustraliaRedman-Maclaren, M; Benveniste, T; McCalman, J; Rutherford, K; Britton, A; Langham, E; Stewart, R; Saunders, P; Kinchin, I; Bainbridge, R
2021-10-18Who is speaking for us? Identifying Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander scholarship in health research.Mohamed, J; Matthews, V; Bainbridge, R; Williams, M