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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-08A systematic review of rehabilitation interventions to prevent and treat depression in post-stroke aphasia.Baker, C; Worrall, L; Rose, M; Hudson, K; Ryan, B; O'Byrne, L
2021Barriers and facilitators to implementing stepped psychological care for people with aphasia: Perspectives of stroke health professionals.Baker, C; Rose, ML; Ryan, B; Worrall, L
2019-07-03A how-to guide to aphasia services: celebrating Professor Linda Worrall’s contribution to the fieldWallace, SJ; Baker, C; Brandenburg, C; Bryant, L; Le Dorze, G; Power, E; Pritchard, M; Rose, ML; Rose, T; Ryan, B; Shrubsole, K; Simmons-Mackie, N; Togher, L; Trebilcock, M
2020-01-02‘It was really dark’: the experiences and preferences of people with aphasia to manage mood changes and depressionBaker, C; Worrall, L; Rose, M; Ryan, B
2021-12-17Management of communication disability in the first 90 days after stroke: a scoping review.Baker, C; Foster, AM; D'Souza, S; Godecke, E; Shiggins, C; Lamborn, E; Lanyon, L; Kneebone, I; Rose, ML
2016-01-01Ordinary Aristocrats: The Discursive Construction of Philanthropists as Ethical LeadersLiu, H; Baker, C
2013Organic Intellectuals and the Australian Global Justice Movement: The Weight of 9/11Humphrys, E; Baker, C; Cox, L; Krinsky, J; Nielsen, A
2021-01-04Quantifying the Model Risk Inherent in the Calibration and Recalibration of Option Pricing ModelsFeng, Y; Rudd, R; Baker, C; Mashalaba, Q; Mavuso, M; Schlögl, E
2021-01Stroke health professionals' management of depression after post-stroke aphasia: a qualitative study.Baker, C; Worrall, L; Rose, M; Ryan, B
2023-06-26The effects of virtual reality immersion on the content and structure of the narrative discourse of healthy adults.Baker, C; Bryant, L; Power, E
2019-12-05Time to step up: A call for the speech pathology1 profession to utilise stepped psychological care for people with aphasia post strokeRyan, B; Worrall, L; Sekhon, J; Baker, C; Carragher, M; Bohan, J; Power, E; Rose, M; Simmons-Mackie, N; Togher, L; Kneebone, I
2016-09-01White Knights: Leadership as the heroicisation of whitenessLiu, H; Baker, C