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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-07-29A systematic review on the effects of Echinacea supplementation on cytokine levels: Is there a role in COVID-19?Aucoin, M; Cardozo, V; McLaren, MD; Garber, A; Remy, D; Baker, J; Gratton, A; Kala, MA; Monteiro, S; Warder, C; Perciballi, A; Cooley, K
2010-09-01Accuracy and reliability of GPS devices for measurement of movement patterns in confined spaces for court-based sportsDuffield, R; Reid, M; Baker, J; Spratford, W
2021-01Changing the culture of care for children and adolescents with functional neurological disorder.Kozlowska, K; Sawchuk, T; Waugh, JL; Helgeland, H; Baker, J; Scher, S; Fobian, AD
2023-09-30Duration and effectiveness of glucose-lowering regimens in the real world management of diabetes: Data from the Australian EXTEND45 Linked Cohort StudyYoung, TK; Hockham, C; Sukkar, L; Kang, A; Jun, M; Foote, C; Baker, J; Rogers, K; Zoungas, S; Cass, A; Sullivan, D; Jardine, MJ
2019-07-24Functional Dysphonia: A Clear Need for Differential Diagnosis: Commentary on "Lorazepam-Assisted Interview in a Resistant Case of Functional Dysphonia" Modak et al. (2019) J Voice. Jan 28. pii: S0892-1997(18)30451-X. doi:10.1016/j.jvoice.2019.01.002.Gregory, C; Baker, J
2006-07International postgraduate nursing students: implications for studying and working within a different culture.Kilstoff, K; Baker, J
2021-07-01Management of functional communication, swallowing, cough and related disorders: consensus recommendations for speech and language therapyBaker, J; Barnett, C; Cavalli, L; Dietrich, M; Dixon, L; Duffy, JR; Elias, A; Fraser, DE; Freeburn, JL; Gregory, C; McKenzie, K; Miller, N; Patterson, J; Roth, C; Roy, N; Short, J; Utianski, R; van Mersbergen, M; Vertigan, A; Carson, A; Stone, J; McWhirter, L
2013-06-01Physiological, perceptual, and technical responses to on-court tennis training on hard and clay courtsReid, MM; Duffield, R; Minett, GM; Sibte, N; Murphy, AP; Baker, J