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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-06-01Aboriginal mothers in prison in Australia: a study of social, emotional and physical wellbeingSullivan, EA; Kendall, S; Chang, S; Baldry, E; Zeki, R; Gilles, M; Wilson, M; Butler, T; Levy, M; Wayland, S; Cullen, P; Jones, J; Sherwood, J
2018-12-17Australian Aboriginal women prisoners’ experiences of being a mother: a reviewJones, J; Wilson, M; Sullivan, E; Atkinson, L; Gilles, M; Simpson, PL; Baldry, E; Butler, T
2018-01-01'Cruel and unusual punishment': an inter-jurisdictional study of the criminalisation of young people with complex support needsBaldry, E; Briggs, DB; Goldson, B; Russell, S
2023-06-02Developing best practice principles for the provision of programs and services to people transitioning from custody to the community: study protocol for a modified Delphi consensus exercise.Majeed, T; Breuer, E; Edwards, L; Remond, M; Taylor, J; Zeki, R; Hampton, S; Grant, L; Sherwood, J; Baldry, E; Sullivan, E
2018-02-01Do programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people leaving prison meet their health and social support needs?Abbott, P; Lloyd, JE; Joshi, C; Malera-Bandjalan, K; Baldry, E; McEntyre, E; Sherwood, J; Reath, J; Indig, D; Harris, MF
2016-01-01Examining the pathways for young people with drug and alcohol dependence: A mixed-method design to examine the role of a treatment programmeNathan, S; Rawstorne, P; Hayen, A; Bryant, J; Baldry, E; Ferry, M; Williams, M; Shanahan, M; Jayasinha, R
2019-09-01Holistic Conceptualizations of Health by Incarcerated Aboriginal Women in New South Wales, AustraliaKendall, S; Lighton, S; Sherwood, J; Baldry, E; Sullivan, E
2020-04-03Incarcerated aboriginal women's experiences of accessing healthcare and the limitations of the 'equal treatment' principle.Kendall, S; Lighton, S; Sherwood, J; Baldry, E; Sullivan, EA
2023-01-01Influence of a residential drug and alcohol program on young people's criminal conviction trajectoriesWhitten, T; Cale, J; Nathan, S; Williams, M; Baldry, E; Ferry, M; Hayen, A
2009-01Mother Seeking Safe Home: Aboriginal Women Post-ReleaseBaldry, E; McCausland, R
2013-10Penal Culture and Hyperincarceration: the revival of the prisonCunneen, C; Baldry, E; Brown, D; Schwartz, M; Steel, A; Brown, M
2017-12-01Procuring Sexual Services: Evidencing Masculinity Diversity and Difference Through Sex Work ResearchBirch, P; Baldry, E; Hartley, VH
2021-02-01Residential programmes for mothers and children in prison: Key themes and conceptsWalker, JR; Baldry, E; Sullivan, EA
2023-08-01Rethinking community sanctions: Social justice and penal controlStubbs, J; Russell, S; Baldry, E; Brown, D; Cunneen, C; Schwartz, M
2017-01-01Violence in the lives of incarcerated aboriginal mothers in Western AustraliaWilson, M; Jones, J; Butler, T; Simpson, P; Gilles, M; Baldry, E; Levy, M; Sullivan, E
2021Youth justice and penality in comparative contextGoldson, B; Cunneen, C; Russell, S; Brown, D; Baldry, E; Schwartz, M; Briggs, D