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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-01-01Diatom acclimation to elevated CO 2 via cAMP signalling and coordinated gene expressionHennon, GMM; Ashworth, J; Groussman, RD; Berthiaume, C; Morales, RL; Baliga, NS; Orellana, MV; Armbrust, EV
2021-05-10Diel Transcriptional Oscillations of a Plastid Antiporter Reflect Increased Resilience of Thalassiosira pseudonana in Elevated CO<inf>2</inf>Valenzuela, JJ; Ashworth, J; Cusick, A; Abbriano, RM; Armbrust, EV; Hildebrand, M; Orellana, MV; Baliga, NS
2014-01-01Evolution of context dependent regulation by expansion of feast/famine regulatory proteinsPlaisier, CL; Lo, FY; Ashworth, J; Brooks, AN; Beer, KD; Kaur, A; Pan, M; Reiss, DJ; Facciotti, MT; Baliga, NS
2013-04-30Genome-wide diel growth state transitions in the diatom Thalassiosira pseudonanaAshworth, J; Coesel, S; Lee, A; Armbrust, EV; Orellana, MV; Baliga, NS
2014-09-25Inference of expanded Lrp-like feast/famine transcription factor targets in a non-model organism using protein structure-based predictionAshworth, J; Plaisier, CL; Lo, FY; Reiss, DJ; Baliga, NS
2016-04-01Pan-transcriptomic analysis identifies coordinated and orthologous functional modules in the diatoms Thalassiosira pseudonana and Phaeodactylum tricornutumAshworth, J; Turkarslan, S; Harris, M; Orellana, MV; Baliga, NS
2012-08-01Reverse engineering systems models of regulation: Discovery, prediction and mechanismsAshworth, J; Wurtmann, EJ; Baliga, NS
2014-12-01Structure-based predictions broadly link transcription factor mutations to gene expression changes in cancersAshworth, J; Bernard, B; Reynolds, S; Plaisier, CL; Shmulevich, I; Baliga, NS