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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-01An Alternative Approach for Developing Temporal PatternsVarga, C; Ball, JE; Babister, KM; Willgoose, G; Kuczera, G
2006-01An Alternative Approach to Modelling Stormwater Runoff From Small Urban CatchmentsCheah, C; Ball, JE; Carmody, J; Schweke, M; Venkatraman, K; Mulley, P; Babon, A; Lamaro, E; Wood, R; Gough, J; Taylor, M; Wood, C
2022-12-12An initial parameter estimation approach for urban catchment modellingGong, S; Ball, JE; Surawski, N
2008-08-30Application of a regionalized Clark IUH model with limited hydrologic data availabilitySeong, KW; Ball, JE; Lee, YH
-Are the current On-site Stormwater Detention (OSD) policies the best solution for source control stormwater management? A case study of Australian and Brazilian citiesDrumond, PDP; Ball, JE; Moura, P; Pinto Coelho, MML
2004-01Assessment of deposited sediments in roadside stormwater retention basinsBall, JE; Walker, JW; Isles, S; Blake, C; Chanson, DH; Macintosh, DJ
2005-01Australian Rainfall & Runoff - Guiding Australian Practice into the 21st CenturyBall, JE; Phillips, B; Eriksson, E; Genc-Fuhrman, H; Vollertsen, J; Ledin, A; Hvidved-Jacobsen, T; Mikkelsen, PS
2016-01-01Australian Rainfall and Runoff - A Guide to Flood EstimationBall, JE; Babister, MK; Nathan, R; Weinmann, PE; Weeks, W; Retallick, M; Testoni, I; Ball, JE
2008-01Calibration of a catchment modelling system with spatially variable parametersFang, T; Ball, JE; Richard Ashley
2008-01Can Fixed grid 2 Hydraulic Models be used as Hydrologic Models?Clark, K; Ball, JE; Babister, KM; lambert, M; et, A
2017-08-13Challenge in Flood Forecasting Using Rating Curve of Unstable River Systems: The BrahmaputraIslam, MA; Ball, JE; Zaman, AM; Rahman, SMM
2019Climate Change and its Influence on Design Flood EstimationBall, JE
2007-01Complexity and catchment modelling systemsBall, JE; Choi, KS; Silvio, GD; Lanzoni, S
2006-01Complexity in Catchment Modelling Systems and its Impact on Predictive ReliabilityBall, JE; Choi, K; Brayford, G; Ratcliffe, S
2009-01Coupled One and Two-Dimensional Modelling in Urban Catchments-Reducing Uncertainty in Flood EstimationGray, SD; Ball, JE; Kuczera, G; Willgoose, G
2009-01A critical review of the Urban Rational MethodHicks, B; Gray, SD; Ball, JE; Willgoose, G; Kuczera, G
2014-01-01Daily rainfall disaggregation for a monsoon catchment in VietnamThi, PC; Ball, JE
2010-01Data-Driven Modelling Of Low-Pressure Hybrid Membrane Filtration Using Multivariate Polynomial RegressionErdei, L; Dackermann, U; Ball, JE; N/A
2013-01-01Design Flood Estimation - A Hydroinformatic ProblemBall, JE; Zhaoyin, W; Lee, JHW; Jizhang, G; Shuyou, C