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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-04-01Circularly Polarized Multibeam Antenna Array of ME Dipole Fed by 5 × 6 Butler MatrixGong, RJ; Ban, YL; Lian, JW; Liu, Y; Nie, Z
2018-10-01Compact 2-D scanning multibeam array utilizing the SIW Three-Way couplers at 28 GHzLian, JW; Ban, YL; Zhu, JQ; Kang, K; Nie, Z
2018-06-29Compact 28-GHz two-dimensionally scanning multibeam array with sidelobe suppressionLian, JW; Ban, YL; Wu, YQ; Zhong, LH
2018-05-01Compact Substrate-Integrated 4 × 8 Butler Matrix with Sidelobe Suppression for Millimeter-Wave Multibeam ApplicationLian, JW; Ban, YL; Xiao, C; Yu, ZF
2019-03-01Dual-layer SIW multibeam pillbox antenna with reduced sidelobe levelYan, SP; Zhao, MH; Ban, YL; Lian, JW; Nie, Z
2020-08-01Efficient and accurate frequency-invariant beam pattern synthesis utilizing iterative spatiotemporal fourier transformLiu, Y; Chen, L; Zhu, C; Ban, YL; Guo, YJ
2020-05-01Millimeter-Wave Multibeam Antenna Based on Folded C-Type SIWSun, Q; Ban, YL; Lian, JW; Liu, Y; Nie, Z
2018-01-01Miniaturized Multibeam Array Antenna Based on E-Plane Butler Matrix for 5G ApplicationLian, JW; Ban, YL; Wu, YQ; Zhong, LH
2018-01-01A Novel NFC Antenna for Metal Cover Smartphone ApplicationsZhu, JO; Ban, YL; Xu, RM; Lian, JW; Sim, CYD
2019-07-01Planar 2-D scanning SIW multibeam array with low sidelobe level for millimeter-wave applicationsLian, JW; Ban, YL; Zhu, JQ; Guo, J; Chen, Z
2018-03-01Planar Millimeter-Wave 2-D Beam-Scanning Multibeam Array Antenna Fed by Compact SIW Beam-Forming NetworkLian, JW; Ban, YL; Yang, QL; Fu, B; Yu, ZF; Sun, LK
2020-01-01Reduced-Sidelobe Multibeam Array Antenna Based on SIW Rotman LensLian, JW; Ban, YL; Zhu, H; Guo, YJ
2018-04-01SIW Folded Cassegrain Lens for Millimeter-Wave Multibeam ApplicationLian, JW; Ban, YL; Chen, Z; Fu, B; Xiao, C
2018-10-01SIW multibeam antenna based on modified horn beam-forming networkLian, JW; Ban, YL; Zhu, JQ; Liu, Y; Kang, K
2019-01-01Sub-6GHz 4G/5G Conformal Glasses AntennasWang, YY; Ban, YL; Liu, Y
2020-06-01Synthesis of Large Unequally Spaced Planar Arrays Utilizing Differential Evolution with New Encoding Mechanism and Cauchy MutationLiu, F; Liu, Y; Han, F; Ban, YL; Jay Guo, Y
2019-09-01Synthesizing Uniform Amplitude Sparse Dipole Arrays with Shaped Patterns by Joint Optimization of Element Positions, Rotations and PhasesLiu, F; Liu, Y; Xu, KD; Ban, YL; Liu, QH; Guo, YJ
2020-07-01Uniplanar High-Gain 2-D Scanning Leaky-Wave Multibeam Array Antenna at Fixed FrequencyLian, JW; Zhu, H; Ban, YL; Karmokar, DK; Guo, YJ
2019-07-01A Useful Methodology to Convert the Smartphone Metal Cover into an Antenna Booster for NFC ApplicationsZhu, JQ; Ban, YL; Xu, RM; Lian, JW; Sim, CYD; Zhang, Y; Nie, Z
2021-11-01Wideband Dual-Layer Huygens' Metasurface for High-Gain Multibeam Array AntennasLian, JW; Ban, YL; Guo, YJ