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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-03-14AISNSW Pilot Prpject: Improving Outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students - Final Evaluation Report March 2019Barber, T; Behrendt, L; Graham, M
2020-05Capillary-assisted microfluidic biosensing platform captures single cell secretion dynamics in nanoliter compartments.Hassanzadeh-Barforoushi, A; Warkiani, ME; Gallego-Ortega, D; Liu, G; Barber, T
2023-01-01Challenging the Silences: Leading Change to Support Indigenous Representation and Priorities in Australian LibrariesThorpe, K; Galassi, M; Booker, L; Barber, T
2018-06-10Filling the Skills Gap in Australia – VET PathwaysBeckley, A; Netherton, C; Barber, T; Agosti, CI; Bernat, E
2020-08-14Improving Outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students: AISNSW Pilot Project Phase 2 - Final Evaluation Report August 2020Barber, T; Netherton, C
2015-08-01Navigating VET to university: Students' perceptions of their transition to university studyBarber, T; Netherton, C; Bettles, A; Moors-Mailei, A
2018-11-01A Novel Microfluidic Device-Based Neurite Outgrowth Inhibition Assay Reveals the Neurite Outgrowth-Promoting Activity of Tropomyosin Tpm3.1 in Hippocampal NeuronsStefen, H; Hassanzadeh-Barforoushi, A; Brettle, M; Fok, S; Suchowerska, AK; Tedla, N; Barber, T; Warkiani, ME; Fath, T
1997Overseas and migrant students in Economics: are we addressing their needs?Barber, T; Watson, J
2002-09'A Special Duty of Care': Exploring the narration and experience of teacher caringBarber, T
2018Transitioning between vocational and university education in Australia: the impact of the vocational education experience on becoming a university studentBarber, T; Netherton, C
2007The UNSW Sessional Teaching Staff Project: Supporting sessional teachers through community-buildingBarber, T