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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-02-01Can video improve grant review quality and lead to more reliable ranking?Doran, M; Barnett, A; Leach, J; Lott, W; Page, K; Grant, W
2021-09-01Continental-scale acoustic telemetry and network analysis reveal new insights into stock structureLédée, EJI; Heupel, MR; Taylor, MD; Harcourt, RG; Jaine, FRA; Huveneers, C; Udyawer, V; Campbell, HA; Babcock, RC; Hoenner, X; Barnett, A; Braccini, M; Brodie, S; Butcher, PA; Cadiou, G; Dwyer, RG; Espinoza, M; Ferreira, LC; Fetterplace, L; Fowler, A; Harborne, AR; Knott, NA; Lowry, M; McAllister, J; McAuley, R; Meekan, M; Mills, K; Peddemors, VM; Pillans, R; Semmens, J; Smoothey, AF; Speed, C; Stehfest, K; van der Meulen, D; Simpfendorfer, CA
2016-07-01A cost-effectiveness modelling study of strategies to reduce risk of infection following primary hip replacement based on a systematic reviewGraves, N; Wloch, C; Wilson, J; Barnett, A; Sutton, A; Cooper, N; Merollini, K; McCreanor, V; Cheng, Q; Burn, E; Lamagni, T; Charlett, A
2022-04-04Meta-research: justifying career disruption in funding applications, a survey of Australian researchers.Barnett, A; Page, K; Dyer, C; Cramb, S
2017-01-01Quantitating active photosystem II reaction center content from fluorescence induction transientsMurphy, CD; Ni, G; Li, G; Barnett, A; Xu, K; Grant-Burt, J; Liefer, JD; Suggett, DJ; Campbell, DA
2015-02-13Using a theory of planned behaviour framework to explore hand hygiene beliefs at the '5 critical moments' among Australian hospital-based nurses 59White, KM; Jimmieson, NL; Obst, PL; Graves, N; Barnett, A; Cockshaw, W; Gee, P; Haneman, L; Page, K; Campbell, M; Martin, E; Paterson, D