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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013The 1929 Breslau Werkbund Exhibition: Constructing German Identity in Architecture and Urban DesignBarnstone, D; Barnstone, DA; Haakenson, TO
4-Jul-2016Beyond the Bauhaus: Cultural Modernity in Breslau, 1918-1933Barnstone, D
Jan-2014The Breslau Jewish Museum and the Construction of German IdentityBarnstone, D; Peter Morgan
Apr-2015Bruno Taut and the First World WarBarnstone, D; Gregory Papanikos
29-Sep-2017Bruno Taut and the Reformbewegung: The dissolution of the citiesBarnstone, D
29-Dec-2016The Color of Innovation: Bruno Taut's Fantasy Drawings and Painted ArchitectureBarnstone, D; Margalit, D
Jan-2012An der Oder: River Romance in BreslauBarnstone, D; Cusack, T
Jan-2004The dynamic relationship between text and architecture: Günter Behnisch's Bonn BundehausBarnstone, D
2018The Electric Highway: Intelligent Infrastructures for Kinetic CitiesBarnstone, D; Barnstone, R; Droege, P
2017Max Liebermann's Kriegszeit Lithographs: Pro-War or Anti-War?Barnstone, D
25-Nov-2015Oskar Schlemmer's Explorations of Body, Space and ImageBarnstone, D
1-Jun-2016Reaction to the First World War: Max Liebermann and the Kriegszeit LithographsBarnstone, D
2017Real Utopian or Utopian Realist? Erich Mendelsohn's Multiple Passages of Exile and the Academie European Mediteranée.Barnstone, D; Dogramaci, B; Otto, E
2016Seeing Double: The Doppelgänger in two interpretations of the ballet classic, The Nutcracker by John Neumeier and Marco GoeckeBarnstone, D; Barnstone, D
2018Style Debates in Early 20th-Century German Architectural DiscourseBarnstone, D
Jan-2014Transnational Dimensions of German Anti-Modern Modernism: Ernst May in BreslauBarnstone, D; Diefendorf, J; Ward, J