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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-06-01Impairments of balance, stepping reactions and gait in people with cervical dystoniaBarr, C; Barnard, R; Edwards, L; Lennon, S; Bradnam, L
2015-05-19Intracortical inhibition is modulated by phase of prosthetic rehabilitation in transtibial amputeesHordacre, B; Bradnam, LV; Barr, C; Patritti, BL; Crotty, M
2014-01-01Ipsilateral corticomotor excitability is associated with increased gait variability in unilateral transtibial amputeesHordacre, B; Bradnam, LV; Barr, C; Patritti, BL; Crotty, M
2020-06-08Knowledge, Beliefs, and Practices of Australian Audiologists in Addressing the Mental Health Needs of Adults With Hearing Loss.Bennett, RJ; Meyer, CJ; Ryan, B; Barr, C; Laird, E; Eikelboom, RH
2016-05-18The relationship between knowledge of pain neurophysiology and fear avoidance in people with chronic pain: A point in time, observational studyFletcher, C; Bradnam, L; Barr, C
2022-04-27THE APPLICATION OF POLLEN RADIOCARBON DATING AND BAYESIAN AGE-DEPTH MODELING FOR DEVELOPING ROBUST GEOCHRONOLOGICAL FRAMEWORKS OF WETLAND ARCHIVESCadd, H; Sherborne-Higgins, B; Becerra-Valdivia, L; Tibby, J; Barr, C; Forbes, M; Cohen, TJ; Tyler, J; Vandergoes, M; Francke, A; Lewis, R; Arnold, LJ; Jacobsen, G; Marjo, C; Turney, C
2016-08-25Variation in left posterior parietal-motor cortex interhemispheric facilitation following right parietal continuous theta-burst stimulation in healthy adultsKillington, C; Barr, C; Loetscher, T; Bradnam, LV