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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Complexity and doctor choices when discussing contraceptivesFiebig, D; Viney, RC; Haas, M; Knox, S; Street, D; Weisberg, E; Bateson, D
2017-01-01Consideration Sets and Their Role in Modelling Doctor Recommendations About ContraceptivesFiebig, DG; Viney, R; Knox, S; Haas, M; Street, DJ; Hole, AR; Weisberg, E; Bateson, D
2013-06-01Do women and providers value the same features of contraceptive products? Results of a best-worst stated preference experimentWeisberg, E; Bateson, D; Knox, S; Haas, M; Viney, R; Street, D; Fiebig, D
2013-04-01The effect of adverse information and positive promotion on women's preferences for prescribed contraceptive productsKnox, SA; Viney, RC; Gu, Y; Hole, AR; Fiebig, DG; Street, DJ; Haas, MR; Weisberg, E; Bateson, D
2023-08-31Expanding community pharmacists' scope of practice in relation to contraceptive counselling and referral: a protocol for a pragmatic, stepped-wedge, cluster randomised trial (ALLIANCE).Mazza, D; Assifi, AR; Hussainy, SY; Bateson, D; Johnston, S; Tomnay, J; Kasza, J; Church, J; Grzeskowiak, LE; Nissen, L; Cameron, ST
2022Factors associated with pelvic inflammatory disease: A case series analysis of family planning clinic data.Sweeney, S; Bateson, D; Fleming, K; Huston, W
2022-12-07How can we encourage the provision of early medical abortion in primary care? Results of a best-worst scaling survey.Haas, M; Church, J; Street, DJ; Bateson, D; Mazza, D
2021-12How do Pacific Island countries add up on contraception, abortion and reproductive coercion? Guidance from the Guttmacher report on investing in sexual and reproductive healthDawson, A; Ekeroma, A; Wilson, D; Noovao-Hill, A; Panisi, L; Takala, B; Black, K; Bateson, D
2023-03-22Improving rural and regional access to long-acting reversible contraception and medical abortion through nurse-led models of care, task-sharing and telehealth (ORIENT): a protocol for a stepped-wedge pragmatic cluster-randomised controlled trial in Australian general practice.Mazza, D; Shankar, M; Botfield, JR; Moulton, JE; Chakraborty, SP; Black, K; Tomnay, J; Bateson, D; Church, J; Laba, T-L; Kasza, J; Norman, WV
2019-02-01Inclusion of intrauterine device insertion to registered nurses' scope of clinical practiceFleming, K; Cheng, Y; Botfield, J; Sousa, M; Bateson, D
2022Is there a place for a molecular diagnostic test for pelvic inflammatory disease in primary care? An exploratory qualitative study.Bittleston, H; Hocking, JS; Goller, JL; Coombe, J; Bateson, D; Sweeney, S; Fleming, K; Huston, WM; Fuller, SS
2017-03-14Medical termination of pregnancy in general practice in Australia: A descriptive-interpretive qualitative studyDawson, AJ; Nicolls, R; Bateson, D; Doab, A; Estoesta, J; Brassil, A; Sullivan, EA
2015-01-01Patient-centred discourse in sexual and reproductive health consultationsde Silva Joyce, H; Slade, D; Bateson, D; Scheeres, H; McGregor, J; Weisberg, E
2022-01POSA352 The Preferences of Australian Women for the Outcomes of Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC)Church, J; Street, D; Bateson, D; Haas, M
2019-05-17Prospective mixed methods study of online and offline social networks and the development of sexual agency in adolescence: The Social Networks and Agency Project (SNAP) protocolLim, MSC; Cooper, S; Lewis, L; Albury, K; Chung, KSK; Bateson, D; Kang, M; Skinner, SR
-The COVID-19 Pandemic and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in the PacificDawson, A; Ekeroma, A; Rokoduru, A; Wilson, D; Tran, NT; Bateson, D
2022-10The preferences of women in Australia for the features of long-acting reversible contraception: results of a discrete choice experiment.Haas, M; Church, J; Street, DJ; Bateson, D; Fisher, J; Taft, A; Black, KI; Lucke, J; Hussainy, SY; McGeechan, K; Norman, W; Mazza, D
2016-10-22Towards comprehensive early abortion service delivery in high income countries: Insights for improving universal access to abortion in AustraliaDawson, A; Bateson, D; Estoesta, J; Sullivan, E
2020-11-12What adolescents think of relationship portrayals on social media: a qualitative study.Taba, M; Lewis, L; Cooper, SC; Albury, K; Chung, KSK; Lim, M; Bateson, D; Kang, M; Skinner, SR