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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-03-01The comedy web series: Reshaping Australian script development and commissioning practicesTofler, M; Batty, C; Taylor, S
2019-07-03Comedy writing as method: reflections on screenwriting in creative practice researchBatty, C; Taylor, S
2020-01-01Conclusion to volumeBrien, DL; Batty, C; Ellison, E; Owens, A
2014-07-29Costume as character arc: How emotional transformation is written into the dressed bodyBatty, C
2018-04-07Digital development: Using the Smartphone to enhance screenwriting practiceBatty, C; Taylor, S
2019-01-01Dispositifs at Play: Artist's Moving Image in the GalleryMunt, A; Barclay, E; Batty, C; Frankham, B
2019-06-01EditorialPrice, S; Batty, C; Redvall, EN
2018-09-02Exploring a new era of screen production research: laying foundations for engagement and impactBatty, C; Berry, M; Frankham, B
2020-01-01IntroductionBrien, DL; Batty, C; Ellison, E; Owens, A
2019-01-01Investigating Candidates’ Research Experience Beyond the Thesis: The Peripheral World of the DoctorateBrien, DL; Owens, A; Batty, C; Ellison, E
2019-11-23Mobile Reception: Materiality and Locality with Small ScreensFrankham, B; Caines, C; Batty, C; Berry, M; Dooley, K; Frankham, B; Kerrigan, S
2018A Morning Coffee in Melbourne: Discussing the Contentious Spaces of Media Practice ResearchBatty, C; Berkeley, L; Glisovic, S
2018The role of fiction in screenwriting (as) researchBatty, C; Baker, DJ
2017-12-19Screen production research: Creative practice as a mode of enquiryBatty, C; Kerrigan, S
2020-01-01Screen/writing the Beach: Conflict, Catharsis and the Character ArcBatty, C; Gauson, S; Burne, P
2017-12-19Screenwriting as a mode of research, and the screenplay as a research artefactBatty, C; Baker, DJ
2018-06-01Script development as a ‘wicked problem’Batty, C; O’Meara, R; Taylor, S; Joyce, H; Burne, P; Maloney, N; Poole, M; Tofler, M
2021-03-01Serial offenders? Defining the boundaries of series and serial TV for screenwriting practice and theoryIanniello, M; Batty, C
2020-01-01Student Reflections on Doctoral Learning: Challenges and BreakthroughsBatty, C; Brein, DL; Ellison, E; Owens, A
2020-01-01The Role of the Script Editor, RevisedBatty, C; Taylor, S