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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-06-01Chlamydia caviae infection alters abundance but not composition of the guinea pig vaginal microbiotaNeuendorf, E; Gajer, P; Bowlin, AK; Marques, PX; Ma, B; Yang, H; Fu, L; Humphrys, MS; Forney, LJ; Myers, GSA; Bavoil, PM; Rank, RG; Ravel, J
2010-07-21Comparison of koala LPCoLN and human strains of Chlamydia pneumoniae highlights extended genetic diversity in the speciesMitchell, CM; Hovis, KM; Bavoil, PM; Myers, GSA; Carrasco, JA; Timms, P
2009-03-01Divergence without difference: Phylogenetics and taxonomy of Chlamydia resolvedStephens, RS; Myers, G; Eppinger, M; Bavoil, PM
2014-03-01Evidence for the existence of two new members of the family Chlamydiaceae and proposal of Chlamydia avium sp. nov. and Chlamydia gallinacea sp. nov.Sachse, K; Laroucau, K; Riege, K; Wehner, S; Dilcher, M; Creasy, HH; Weidmann, M; Myers, G; Vorimore, F; Vicari, N; Magnino, S; Liebler-Tenorio, E; Ruettger, A; Bavoil, PM; Hufert, FT; Rosselló-Móra, R; Marz, M
2009-12-01Evidence that human Chlamydia pneumoniae was zoonotically acquiredMyers, GSA; Mathews, SA; Eppinger, M; Mitchell, C; O'Brien, KK; White, OR; Benahmed, F; Brunham, RC; Read, TD; Ravel, J; Bavoil, PM; Timms, P
2003-04-15Genome sequence of Chlamydophila caviae (Chlamydia psittaci GPIC): Examining the role of niche-specific genes in the evolution of the ChlamydiaceaeRead, TD; Myers, GSA; Brunham, RC; Nelson, WC; Paulsen, IT; Heidelberg, J; Holtzapple, E; Khouri, H; Federova, NB; Carty, HA; Umayam, LA; Haft, DH; Peterson, J; Beanan, MJ; White, O; Salzberg, SL; Hsia, RC; McClarty, G; Rank, RG; Bavoil, PM; Fraser, CM
2009-09-01Genomic analysis of an attenuated Chlamydia abortus live vaccine strain reveals defects in central metabolism and surface proteinsBurall, LS; Rodolakis, A; Rekiki, A; Myers, GSA; Bavoil, PM
2007-03-01Genomic plasticity of the rrn-nqrF intergenic segment in the ChlamydiaceaeLiu, Z; Rank, R; Kaltenboeck, B; Magnino, S; Dean, D; Burall, L; Plaut, RD; Read, TD; Myers, G; Bavoil, PM
2013-01-01Genus-optimized strategy for the identification of chlamydial type III secretion substratesHovis, KM; Mojica, S; Mcdermott, JE; Pedersen, L; Simhi, C; Rank, RG; Myers, GSA; Ravel, J; Hsia, RC; Bavoil, PM
2008-03-01High resolution typing of Chlamydophila psittaci by multilocus VNTR analysis (MLVA)Laroucau, K; Thierry, S; Vorimore, F; Blanco, K; Kaleta, E; Hoop, R; Magnino, S; Vanrompay, D; Sachse, K; Myers, GSA; Bavoil, PM; Vergnaud, G; Pourcel, C
2008-11-01Identification and characterisation of coding tandem repeat variants in incA gene of Chlamydophila pecorumMohamad, KY; Rekiki, A; Myers, G; Bavoil, PM; Rodolakis, A
2008-12-01Preliminary phylogenetic identification of virulent Chlamydophila pecorum strainsYousef Mohamad, K; Roche, SM; Myers, G; Bavoil, PM; Laroucau, K; Magnino, S; Laurent, S; Rasschaert, D; Rodolakis, A
2013-12-04Simultaneous transcriptional profiling of bacteria and their host cellsHumphrys, MS; Creasy, T; Sun, Y; Shetty, AC; Chibucos, MC; Drabek, EF; Fraser, CM; Farooq, U; Sengamalay, N; Ott, S; Shou, H; Bavoil, PM; Mahurkar, A; Myers, GSA
2007-06-01Type III secretion à la ChlamydiaPeters, J; Wilson, DP; Myers, G; Timms, P; Bavoil, PM
2011-12-01Unity in variety-the pan-genome of the chlamydiaeCollingro, A; Tischler, P; Weinmaier, T; Penz, T; Heinz, E; Brunham, RC; Read, TD; Bavoil, PM; Sachse, K; Kahane, S; Friedman, MG; Rattei, T; Myers, GSA; Horn, M