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2018-07-01Effect of vaccination on cattle subclinically infected with foot-and-mouth disease virus in CameroonBertram, MR; Delgado, A; Pauszek, SJ; Smoliga, GR; Brito, B; Stenfeldt, C; Hartwig, EJ; Jumbo, SD; Abdoulmoumini, M; Oliva Marie, AA; Salhine, R; Rodriguez, LL; Garabed, R; Arzt, J
2019-06-01Genetic and antigenic variation of foot-and-mouth disease virus during persistent infection in naturally infected cattle and Asian buffalo in IndiaBiswal, JK; Ranjan, R; Subramaniam, S; Mohapatra, JK; Patidar, S; Sharma, MK; Bertram, MR; Brito, B; Rodriguez, LL; Pattnaik, B; Arzt, J
2017-01-01Genome sequences of seven foot-andmouth disease virus isolates collected from serial samples from one persistently infected carrier cow in VietnamPauszek, SJ; Bertram, MR; Vu, LT; Hartwig, EJ; Smoliga, GR; Brito, B; Stenfeldt, C; VanderWaal, K; Fish, IH; Hung, VV; Phuong, NT; Hoang, BH; Rodriguez, LL; Dung, DH; Arzt, J
2018-07-27Lack of Transmission of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus From Persistently Infected Cattle to Naive Cattle Under Field Conditions in VietnamBertram, MR; Vu, LT; Pauszek, SJ; Brito, BP; Hartwig, EJ; Smoliga, GR; Hoang, BH; Phuong, NT; Stenfeldt, C; Fish, IH; Hung, VV; Delgado, A; VanderWaal, K; Rodriguez, LL; Long, NT; Dung, DH; Arzt, J
2022-04-25Viral Population Diversity during Co-Infection of Foot-And-Mouth Disease Virus Serotypes SAT1 and SAT2 in African Buffalo in Kenya.Palinski, RM; Brito, B; Jaya, FR; Sangula, A; Gakuya, F; Bertram, MR; Pauszek, SJ; Hartwig, EJ; Smoliga, GR; Obanda, V; Omondi, GP; VanderWaal, K; Arzt, J