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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Sep-2016The current state of project management knowledge: A misunderstandingBiesenthal, CE
Jan-2014The Differential Roles Of Multilevel Change Capabilities In Project-Based OrganizationsBiesenthal, CE; Gudergan, S; Ambrosini, V; /
2012Double Moral Hazard in Projects – A Governance Perspective?Vignehsa, K; Biesenthal, CE; Clegg, S; Gudergan, S; Pitsis, T; Sankaran, S
2-Sep-2016Governance in megaprojects: A pragmatic perspectiveBiesenthal, CE
2015Improvisation in project management: A praxeologyKlein, L; Biesenthal, CE; Dehlin, E
Jan-2012The interrelationship of governance, trust and ethics in temporary organizationsMuller, R; Andersen, E; Kvalnes, O; Shao, J; Sankaran, S; Turner, R; Biesenthal, CE; Walker, D; Gudergan, S; Messikomer, C
3-Nov-2014Multi-level project governance: Trends and opportunitiesBiesenthal, CE; Wilden, RM
2016The pragmatic nature of governance in megaprojectsBiesenthal, CE; Sankaran, S
Jan-2014PragmatismBiesenthal, CE; Coghlan, D; Brydon-Miller, M
2013Projects as arenas for pragmatic management practices : improvisation, capabilities and changeBiesenthal, CE
Jan-2014Projects as arenas for pragmatic management practices: Improvisation, capabilities and changeBiesenthal, CE
31-Mar-2015Temporality in Organization Studies: Implications for Strategic Project ManagementBiesenthal, CE; Sankaran, S; Pitsis, T; Clegg, S
2012Tools of change: Exploring the Duality of Dynamic Capabilities in Project-based OrganisationsBiesenthal, CE; Vignehsa, K; Sankaran, S; Pitsis, T; Gudergan, S; Clegg, S