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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-01A review on motivational nudges for enhancing building energy conservation behaviorSoomro, AM; Bharathy, G; Biloria, N; Prasad, M
2019-01-01Algae Building: Is This the New Smart Sustainable TechnologyWilkinson, S; Ralph, P; Biloria, NM; Biloria, N
2020-01-01Algae Building: Is This the New Smart Sustainable Technology?Wilkinson, S; Ralph, PJ; Biloria, N
2015Ambiguous Topology: From Interactive to Pro-active Spatial EnvironmentsChang, J-R; Biloria, N; Vandoren, D
-Analysing the relationship between POI density and stimulus complexity in the urban environmentDritsa, D; Biloria, N
2014Creativity in Architecture-A Review on Effective Parameters Correlated with Creativity in Architectural DesignHakak, AM; Biloria, N; Venhari, AA
2017Emergent Technologies and DesignBiloria, N
2020-01-30Fairwater Living Laboratory Milestone 2 ReportThomas, L; Wyndham, J; Huete, A; Woods, A; Tran, N; Runck, M; Nguyen, H; Wilkinson, S; Biloria, N; Dwyer, S
2021-02-22Fairwater Living Laboratory Milestone 3 Report: Outcomes for Energy, Network Demand, Residents and Community, Resilience, Urban Heat Effects and CommercialityThomas, L; Wilkinson, S; Wyndham, J; Huete, A; Biloria, N; Woods, A; Kalali, P; Powles, R; Zhang, M; Bulut, M; Dritsa, D; Runck, M; Dwyer, S
2014-10-31From Film Studies to Interaction Design—An Emergent Aesthetics ViewBiloria, N; Xia, X; Hommel, B; Scarinzi, A
2021-03-01From smart to empathic cities (vol 10, pg 3, 2021)Biloria, N
2019-11Heat in the Streets: Mapping the Lived Experience of Heat Stress of Climate-exposed Workers Towards Developing a Thriving and Resilient CityBiloria, N; Goodman, J; Humphrys, E; Newman, F; pakdel, P; da Rimini, F; Thomas, L
2013-01-01HyperCell A bio-inspired information design framework for real-time adaptive spatial componentsBiloria, N; Chang, J-R; Achten, H; Pavlicek, J; Hulin, J; Matejovska, D
2015Immersive, interactive, unconventional virtual environments, boost creative cognitionHakak, AM; Biloria, N
2012-10-01Implementing unconventional virtual environments for enhancing creativity in architecture pedagogyHakak, AM; Biloria, N; Rahimi, MR
2019-12-11Influencing Human Behaviour to Optimise Energy in Commercial BuildingsSoomro, AM; Paryani, S; Rehman, J; Echeverria, R; Prasad, M; Biloria, N
2011-09-01InfoMatters, a multi-agent systems approach for generating performative architectural formationsBiloria, N
2020-01-01Integrating algae building technology in the built environment: A cost and benefit perspectiveBiloria, N; Thakkar, Y
2021-03-01Integrating algae building technology in the built environment: A cost and benefit perspective (vol 9, pg 370, 2019)Biloria, N; Thakkar, Y
2012-09-01Interactive morphologies: An investigation into integrated nodal networks and embedded computation processes for developing real-time responsive spatial systemsBiloria, N