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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013The adaptive city: A socio-technical interaction-driven approach towards urban systemsPsyllidis, A; Biloria, NM
2019-01-01Algae Building: Is This the New Smart Sustainable TechnologyWilkinson, S; Ralph, P; Biloria, NM; Biloria, N
2022-12-09Autonomous mobility in the built environmentBiloria, NM; Droege, P
2022-01-05Energy-Efficient Retrofit Measures to Achieve Nearly Zero Energy BuildingsBiloria, NM; Abdollahzadeh, N; Bienvenido-Huertas, JD
2019-07-14Heat Stress and On-Demand Work: The Experience of Food Delivery and Courier CyclistsGoodman, J; Humphrys, E; Newman, F; da Rimini, F; Thomas, L; Biloria, NM; pakdel, P
2011Interdisciplinary process driven performative morphologies: A morphogenomic approach towards developing context aware spatial formationsBiloria, NM
2014-01-01Multi-scalar agent-based complex design systems - the case of ceco (climatic-ecologies) studio informed generative design systems and performance-driven design workflowsMostafavi, S; Yu, S; Biloria, NM
2019-07-03Real-time interactive multimodal systems for physiological and emotional wellbeingBiloria, NM; Dritsa, D; Biloria, N
2015Reflection P4: Path evoking emotional diversity via the physicality of architectural spaceBier, DHH; Biloria, NM; Vollers, K
2019-11-21A smart mobility and living system for smart city and fragile territories regeneration based on permaculture and biomimicrySerena, F; Biloria, NM
2021-09-08Urban Health and Wellbeing in the Contemporary CityBiloria, NM; Robertson, H; Marin, JG; Fornes Bonavia, M
2013Urban media geographies: Interfacing ubiquitous computing with the physicality of urban spacePsyllidis, A; Biloria, NM
2019-07-03Urban Wellbeing in the Contemporary CityBiloria, NM; Reddy, P; Ariani, Y; Mehta, D; Biloria, N