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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008AdaptationBooth, DJ; Biro, P; Jorgensen, SE
Jan-2006Asymmetric impact of piscivorous birds on sizestructured fish populationsBeckmann, C; Biro, P; Post, JR
Jan-2006Behavioural trade-offs between growth and mortality explain evolution of submaximal growth ratesBiro, P; Abrahams, MV; Post, JR; Parkinson, EA
Jan-2003Density-dependent mortality is mediated by foraging activity for prey fish in whole-lake experimentsBiro, P; Post, JR; Parkinson, EA
Jan-2007Direct manipulation of behaviour reveals a mechanism for variation in growth and mortality among prey populationsBiro, P; Abrahams, MV; Post, JR
Jan-2008Early microhabitat use by age 0 year brook charr Salvelinus fontinalis in lakesBiro, P; Beckmann, C; Ridgway, M
Jan-2003From individuals to populations: Prey fish risk-taking mediates mortality in whole-system experimentsBiro, P; Post, JR; Parkinson, EA
Jan-2005Ontogeny of energy allocation reveals selective pressure promoting risk-taking behaviour in young fish cohortsBiro, P; Post, JR; Abrahams, MV
Jan-2004Over-winter lipid depletion and mortality of age-0 rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)Biro, P; Morton, AE; Post, JR; Parkinson, EA
29-Jul-2009Performance of tropical fish recruiting to temperate habitats: Role of ambient temperature and implications of climate changeFigueira, WF; Biro, P; Booth, DJ; Valenzuela, VC
Jan-2003Population consequences of a predator-induced habitat shift by trout in whole-lake experimentsBiro, P; Post, JR; Parkinson, EA
Jan-2004Predators select against high growth rates and risk-taking behaviour in domestic trout populationsBiro, P; Abrahams, MV; Post, JR; Parkinson, EA
Jan-2008Rapid depletion of genotypes with fast growth and bold personality traits from harvested fish populationsBiro, P; Post, JR
Jan-2010Small Within-Day Increases In Temperature Affects Boldness And Alters Personality In Coral Reef FishBiro, P; Beckmann, C; Stamps, J