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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2017Accelerators as authentic training experiences for nascent entrepreneursMiles, MP; de Vries, H; Harrison, G; Bliemel, M; de Klerk, S; Kasouf, CJ
1-Jan-2019Accelerators as start-up infrastructure for entrepreneurial clustersBliemel, M; Flores, R; De Klerk, S; Miles, MP
8-Jul-2019Boom or bust? Embedding entrepreneurship in education in AustraliaMaritz, A; Nguyen, Q; Bliemel, M
11-Feb-2019Designing the Bachelor of Entrepreneurship (Honours) at the University of Technology Sydney: An integration of micro credentialing, blended and work integrated learningSchweitzer, J; Bliemel, M
25-May-2018Emergence of accelerators and accelerator policy: The case of AustraliaBliemel, M; de Klerk, S; Flores, R; Miles, MP
1-Jan-2014The emergence of the nanobiotechnology industryMaine, E; Thomas, VJ; Bliemel, M; Murira, A; Utterback, J
11-Feb-2019Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: Dynamics and MetricsBliemel, M; Agarwal, R; Bajada, C; Subhadrammal, D; Pugalia, S; Francis, J
11-Feb-2019Herding cats to co-create cross-university courses in record timeBliemel, M; Schweitzer, J; Mery Keitel, A; Green, R; Nicolas, L; Miles, M; Moroko, L; Groeger, L; Griffith, S
23-Feb-2018Ignition of New Product Diffusion in Entrepreneurship: An Agent-Based ApproachShim, J; Bliemel, M
6-Feb-2019Insights from analysing accelerators as entrepreneurial micro-ecosystemsBliemel, M; de Klerk, S; Flores, R
1-Jan-2017Modeling complex entrepreneurial processes: A bibliometric method for designing agent-based simulation modelsShim, J; Bliemel, M; Choi, M
5-Feb-2019Redefining the Honours degree to create a pan-university pathway to Entrepreneurship: Integrating modularized learning with blended and work integrated approachesSchweitzer, J; Bliemel, M; Marchand, J
11-Feb-2019StartRails and StartNets: Mapping experiential pathways toward entrepreneurship at two large universitiesBliemel, M
5-Feb-2019Startup Methods Cards for Humanity: Minimum Viable Planning Cards (MVPCs)Brown, P; Gilfedder, L; Bliemel, M
6-Feb-2019University-Based accelerators as a source of entrepreneurial self-efficacy: Preliminary evidence from AustraliaSubhadrammal, D; Bliemel, M
11-Feb-2019University-based entrepreneurial ecosystems and their visualisationsBliemel, M
1-Nov-2018The Value of Using Visual Tools to Enable Students, Clients and End UsersGriffith, S; Bliemel, MJ; Carruthers, K; Griffith, S; Carruthers, K; Bliemel, M
1-Nov-2018Visual stimulation and visual analysis in design: Participatory and co-design approaches for people living with dementiaKenning, G; Griffith, S; Carruthers, K; Bliemel, M
1-Nov-2018Visual Tools for Developing Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration, Innovation and Entrepreneurship CapacityGriffith, S; Carruthers, K; Bliemel, M; Griffith, S; Carruthers, K; Bliemel, MJ