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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2017Angel group simulation – Turning the tables on studentsBliemel, MJ
7-Feb-2018Applying entrepreneurial ecosystem frameworks to studying the entrepreneurial universityBliemel, MJ; Monicolini, L; Cavallo, A; Ghezzi, A
2-Feb-2016Authentic Learning Experiences in Entrepreneurship: Engaging External StakeholdersBliemel, MJ
31-Aug-2018Editorial: Transdisciplinary InnovationMcPhee, C; Bliemel, MJ; van der Bijl-Brouwer, M
25-May-2018Emergence of Accelerators and Accelerator Policy: The Case of AustraliaBliemel, MJ; de Klerk, S; Flores, R; Miles, MP; Wright, M; Drori, I
1-Apr-2014Getting Entrepreneurship Education Out of the Classroom and into Students' HeadsBliemel, MJ
1-Oct-2014An Integrated Approach to Studying Multiplexity in Entrepreneurial NetworksBliemel, MJ; McCarthy, IP; Maine, EMA
18-Aug-2014Lessons Learned from an Inside-Out Flip in Entrepreneurship EducationBliemel, MJ
1-Jul-2016Levels of Multiplexity in Entrepreneur's Networks: Implications for Dynamism and Value CreationBliemel, MJ; McCarthy, IP; Maine, EMA
31-Jul-2017Modeling complex entrepreneurial processes: A bibliometric method for designing agent-based simulation modelsShim, J; Bliemel, MJ; Choi, M
2018Policy Making Versus Policy Research: The Case of the City of Sydney’s Tech Startups Action PlanRecke, M; Bliemel, MJ; Miles, MP; Battisti, M; Lau, A; Terziovski, M
1-Feb-2016The Role and Performance of Accelerators in the Australian Startup EcosystemBliemel, MJ; Flores, RG; de Klerk, S; Miles, MPP; Costa, B; Monteiro, P
1-May-2017Serious silliness: Breaking the ice with ideation, pitching and networkingBliemel, MJ
1-Nov-2018Student’s use of PLACE and time to develop capacity in cross-disciplinary collaboration in entrepreneurshipBliemel, MJ
7-Feb-2018The Sydney School of Entrepreneurship: Building entrepreneurial capacity in NSWKaye, N; Schweitzer, J; Bliemel, MJ; Miles, M
1-Aug-2017UNSW Startup Road MapBliemel, MJ; Furber, B; Griffith, S
1-Nov-2018The Value of Using Visual Tools to Enable Students, Clients and End UsersGriffith, S; Bliemel, MJ; Carruthers, K; Griffith, S; Carruthers, K; Bliemel, M
1-Nov-2018Visual Tools for Developing Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration, Innovation and Entrepreneurship CapacityGriffith, S; Carruthers, K; Bliemel, M; Griffith, S; Carruthers, K; Bliemel, MJ
7-Feb-2018What is the entrepreneurial university: A bibliometric analysisMonicolini, L; Bliemel, MJ