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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-09-01Are Healthcare Choices Predictable? The Impact of Discrete Choice Experiment Designs and Modelsde Bekker-Grob, EW; Swait, JD; Kassahun, HT; Bliemer, MCJ; Jonker, MF; Veldwijk, J; Cong, K; Rose, JM; Donkers, B
2013-12-01A closer look at decision and analyst error by including nonlinearities in discrete choice models: Implications on willingness-to-pay estimates derived from discrete choice data in healthcareDe Bekker-Grob, EW; Rose, JM; Bliemer, MCJ
2013-12-01Confidence intervals of willingness-to-pay for random coefficient logit modelsBliemer, MCJ; Rose, JM
2014-11-01Constrained stated choice experimental designs.Collins, AT; Bliemer, MCJ; Rose, J
2017-08-01Detecting dominance in stated choice data and accounting for dominance-based scale differences in logit modelsBliemer, MCJ; Rose, JM; Chorus, CG
2014-11-01Dominancy in stated choice surveys and impact on scale in discrete choice models.Bliemer, MCJ; Rose, J; Chorus, C
2011-01-01Experimental design influences on stated choice outputs: An empirical study in air travel choiceBliemer, MCJ; Rose, JM
2011-12-01Experimental design strategies for stated preference studies dealing with non-market goodsRose, JM; Bain, S; Bliemer, MCJ
2021-12Hypothetical bias in stated choice experiments: Part I. Macro-scale analysis of literature and integrative synthesis of empirical evidence from applied economics, experimental psychology and neuroimagingHaghani, M; Bliemer, MCJ; Rose, JM; Oppewal, H; Lancsar, E
2021-12Hypothetical bias in stated choice experiments: Part II. Conceptualisation of external validity, sources and explanations of bias and effectiveness of mitigation methodsHaghani, M; Bliemer, MCJ; Rose, JM; Oppewal, H; Lancsar, E
2009-01-01The impact of varying the number of repeated choice observations on the mixed multinomial logit model.Rose, J; Hess, S; Bliemer, MCJ; Daly, A
2013-09-01Sample size requirements for stated choice experimentsRose, JM; Bliemer, MCJ
2014-08-29Stated choice experimental design theory: The who, the what and the whyRose, JM; Bliemer, MCJ
2011-10-26Stated preference experimental design strategies.Rose, J; Bliemer, MCJ; Hensher, A