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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-10-22Chlamydia pecorum Ovine Abortion: Associations between Maternal Infection and Perinatal Mortality.Jenkins, C; Jelocnik, M; Onizawa, E; McNally, J; Coilparampil, R; Pinczowski, P; Bogema, D; Westermann, T
2021-01Chlamydia pecorum-Associated Sporadic Ovine Abortion.Westermann, T; Jenkins, C; Onizawa, E; Gestier, S; McNally, J; Kirkland, P; Zhang, J; Bogema, D; Manning, LK; Walker, K; Pinczowski, P
2020-12-08Comparative Genomics of <i>Xanthomonas citri</i> pv. <i>citri</i> A* Pathotype Reveals Three Distinct Clades with Varying Plasmid Distribution.Webster, J; Bogema, D; Chapman, TA
2018-04-01The identification of Theileria bicornis in captive rhinoceros in AustraliaYam, J; Gestier, S; Bryant, B; Campbell-Ward, M; Bogema, D; Jenkins, C
2023-08Molecular characterisation of the Australian and New Zealand livestock Chlamydia pecorum strains confirms novel but clonal ST23 in association with ovine foetal loss.Jelocnik, M; White, RT; Clune, T; O'Connell, J; Foxwell, J; Hair, S; Besier, S; Tom, L; Phillips, N; Robbins, A; Bogema, D; Vaz, PK; Legione, AR; Jenkins, C; Jacobson, C
2020-01-01Osteoarticular Infection in Three Young Thoroughbred Horses Caused by a Novel Gram Negative Cocco-BacillusHudson, BJ; Chicken, C; Blishen, A; Todhunter, KH; Begg, AP; Chan, L; Karagiannis, T; Raymond, B; Bogema, D; Adkins, AR; O'Sullivan, CB; O'Rourke, BA; Roy Chowdhury, P; Djordjevic, SP; Charles, IG; Edgar, A; Mitsakos, K
2023-01-23Population Structure and Genomic Characteristics of Australian Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae Reveals Unobserved Diversity in the Australian Pig Industry.Webster, J; Bowring, B; Stroud, L; Marsh, I; Sales, N; Bogema, D
2016-04-01Prevalence of Theileria orientalis types in beef cattle herds on the North Coast of New South WalesProctor, A; Ball, M; Freeman, P; Jenkins, C; Bogema, D