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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A systematic search and review of adult-targeted overweight and obesity prevention mass media campaigns and their evaluation: 2000–2017Kaite, J; Grunseit, A; Bohn-Goldbaum, E; Bellew, B; Bauman, A
2020-12Are perceptions of government intervention for prevention different by gender and age? Results from the AUStralian Perceptions Of Prevention Survey (AUSPOPS).Howse, E; Bohn-Goldbaum, E; Freeman, B; Bauman, A; Grunseit, AC
2021-11-15Changes in Australian community perceptions of non-communicable disease prevention: a greater role for government?Grunseit, AC; Howse, E; Bohn-Goldbaum, E; Mitchell, J; Bauman, AE
2019Evaluation of Get Healthy at Work, a state-wide workplace health promotion program in Australia.Crane, M; Bohn-Goldbaum, E; Lloyd, B; Rissel, C; Bauman, A; Indig, D; Khanal, S; Grunseit, A
2022-03-04Measuring public opinion and acceptability of prevention policies: an integrative review and narrative synthesis of methods.Howse, E; Cullerton, K; Grunseit, A; Bohn-Goldbaum, E; Bauman, A; Freeman, B
2019Participant profile and impacts of an Aboriginal healthy lifestyle and weight loss challenge over four years 2012-2015Grunseit, A; Bohn-Goldbaum, E; Crane, M; Milat, A; Cashmore, A; Fonua, R; Havrlant, R; Reid, K; Hennessey, K; Firth, W; Bauman, A
2022-09-11Team characteristics associated with weight loss in a First Nations community intervention: an observational study.Bohn-Goldbaum, E; Cashmore, A; Bauman, A; Sullivan, A; Fonua, LR; Milat, A; Reid, K; Grunseit, A
2020Using natural experiments to improve public health evidence: a review of context and utility for obesity prevention.Crane, M; Bohn-Goldbaum, E; Grunseit, A; Bauman, A
2020Weight change among repeat participants of an Aboriginal community-based weight loss programBohn-Goldbaum, E; Cashmore, A; Fonua, R; Milat, A; Reid, K; Shepherd, L; Bauman, A; Grunseit, A