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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-12-01A comparative analysis of the skilled use of automated feedback tools through the lens of teacher feedback literacyBuckingham Shum, S; Lim, LA; Boud, D; Bearman, M; Dawson, P
2022-08-09A multi-institutional assessment of changes in higher education teaching and learning in the face of COVID-19Bartolic, SK; Boud, D; Agapito, J; Verpoorten, D; Williams, S; Lutze-Mann, L; Matzat, U; Moreno, MM; Polly, P; Tai, J; Marsh, HL; Lin, L; Burgess, J-L; Habtu, S; Rodrigo, MMM; Roth, M; Heap, T; Guppy, N
2018-07-01Academic artisans in the research universityBrew, A; Boud, D; Lucas, L; Crawford, K
2006-12-01Aligning assessment with long-term learningBoud, D; Falchikov, N
2020-02-17Aligning assessment with the needs of work-integrated learning: the challenges of authentic assessment in a complex contextAjjawi, R; Tai, J; Huu Nghia, TL; Boud, D; Johnson, L; Patrick, CJ
2022-01-01An empirical study of student action from ipsative design of feedback processesMalecka, B; Ajjawi, R; Boud, D; Tai, J
2002-01-01Appraising new technologies for learning: A framework for developmentBoud, D; Prosser, M
2005-08-25'Aren't we all learner-centred now?': The bittersweet flavour of successBoud, D
2007-01Assessment and emotion: the impact of being assessedFalchikov, N; Boud, DJ; Boud, D; Falchikov, N
2018-01-01Assessment could demonstrate learning gains, but what is required for it to do so?Boud, D
2019-01-01Assessment for distinctiveness: recognising diversity of accomplishmentsJorre de St Jorre, T; Boud, D; Johnson, ED
2022-01-01Assessment for inclusion: rethinking contemporary strategies in assessment designTai, J; Ajjawi, R; Bearman, M; Boud, D; Dawson, P; Jorre de St Jorre, T
2011-12-01Assessment of osteopaths: Developing a capability-based approach to reviewing readiness to practiceStone, C; Boud, D; Hager, P
2022-08-01Assessment-as-learning for the development of students' evaluative judgementBoud, D
2020Augmenting Assessment with Learning AnalyticsKnight, S; Bearman, M; Dawson, P; Ajjawi, R; Tai, J; Boud, D
2023-11-13Beyond emergency remote teaching: did the pandemic lead to lasting change in university courses?Broadbent, J; Ajjawi, R; Bearman, M; Boud, D; Dawson, P
2014Building local leadership for research educationBoud, D; Brew, A; Dowling, R; Kiley, M; Malfroy, J; McKenzie, JA; Solomon, N; Ryland, K
2015-01-01The calibration of student judgement through self-assessment: disruptive effects of assessment patternsBoud, D; Lawson, R; Thompson, DG
2020-01-01Challenges in reforming higher education assessment: A perspective from afarBoud, D
2013-01Changing conceptions of feedbackMolloy, E; Boud, DJ; Boud, D; Molloy, E