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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2011Dysregulation of the inflammatory response to the parasite, Toxoplasma gondii, in P2X7 receptor-deficient miceMiller, CM; Zakrzewski, AM; Ikin, RJ; Boulter, N; Katrib, M; Lees, MP; Fuller, S; Wiley, JS; Smith, NF
Jan-2010Evidence For Associations Between The Purinergic Receptor P2X(7) (P2Rx7) And ToxoplasmosisJamieson, S; Peixoto-rangel, A; Hargrave, A; De Roubaix, L; Mui, E; Boulter, N; Miller, E; Fuller, S; Wiley, JS; Castellucci, L; Boyer, K; Peixe, R; Kirisits, M; Elias, L; Coyne, J; Correa-oliveira, R; Sautter, M; Smith, NF; Lees, MP; Swisher, C; Heydemann, P; Noble, AG; Patel, D; Bardo, D; Burrowes, D; McLone, D; Roizen, N; Withers, S; Bahia-Oliveira, L; McLeod, R; Blackwell, J
Jan-2009The immunobiology of the innate response to Toxoplasma gondiiMiller, CM; Boulter, N; Ikin, RJ; Smith, NC
Jan-2009Immunological interactions between 2common pathogens, the Th1-inducing protozoan Toxoplasma gondii and the Th2-inducing helminth Fasciola hepaticaMiller, CM; Smith, NC; Ikin, RJ; Boulter, N; Dalton, JP; Donnelly, SM
Jan-2011P2X7 receptor-mediated killing of an intracellular parasite, Toxoplasma gondii, by human and murine macrophagesLees, MP; Fuller, S; McLeod, R; Boulter, N; Miller, CM; Zakrzewski, AM; Mui, E; Witola, WH; Coyne, J; Hargrave, A; Jamieson, S; Blackwell, J; Wiley, JS; Smith, NC
Jan-2011Prime-boost Immunisation Against Tropical Theileriosis With Two Parasite Surface Antigens: Evidence For Protection And Antigen SynergyGharbi, M; Darghouth, M; Weir, W; Katzer, F; Boulter, N; Adamson, R; Gilbert, SC; Jongejan, F; Westbroek, I; Hall, RL; Tait, A; Shiels, B
2011The Role of the P2X7 Receptor in Infectious DiseasesMiller, C; Boulter, N; Fuller, S; Zakrzewski, A; Lees, M; Saunders, B; Wiley, J; Smith, N