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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-08-02A 3D‐Bioprinted Vascularized Glioblastoma‐on‐a‐Chip for Studying the Impact of Simulated Microgravity as a Novel Pre‐Clinical Approach in Brain Tumor TherapySilvani, G; Basirun, C; Wu, H; Mehner, C; Poole, K; Bradbury, P; Chou, J
2011-03-10The actin-associating protein Tm5NM1 blocks mesenchymal motility without transition to amoeboid motilityLees, JG; Bach, CTT; Bradbury, P; Paul, A; Gunning, PW; O'Neill, GM
2020-11An in vitro model for assessing drug transport in cystic fibrosis treatment: Characterisation of the CuFi-1 cell line.Sheikh, Z; Bradbury, P; Pozzoli, M; Young, PM; Ong, HX; Traini, D
2021-03-01Development and in vitro characterization of a novel pMDI diclofenac formulation as an inhalable anti-inflammatory therapy for cystic fibrosis.Sheikh, Z; Gomes Dos Reis, L; Bradbury, P; Meneguzzo, G; Scalia, S; Young, PM; Ong, HX; Traini, D
2019-07-01EP <inf>2</inf> and EP <inf>4</inf> receptor antagonists: Impact on cytokine production and β <inf>2</inf> -adrenergic receptor desensitization in human airway smooth muscleBradbury, P; Rumzhum, NN; Ammit, AJ
2011-02-01Estradiol stabilizes the 105-kDa phospho-form of the adhesion docking protein NEDD9 and suppresses NEDD9-dependent cell spreading in breast cancer cellsBradshaw, LN; Zhong, J; Bradbury, P; Mahmassani, M; Smith, JL; Ammit, AJ; O'Neill, GM
2021-08-05How Do Mechanics Guide Fibroblast Activity? Complex Disruptions during Emphysema Shape Cellular Responses and Limit Research.Leslie, MN; Chou, J; Young, PM; Traini, D; Bradbury, P; Ong, HX
2022-12In vitro testing and efficacy of poly-lactic acid coating incorporating antibiotic loaded coralline bioceramic on Ti6Al4V implant against Staphylococcus aureus.Karacan, I; Ben-Nissan, B; Santos, J; Yiu, S; Bradbury, P; Valenzuela, SM; Chou, J
2020Machine learning recommends affordable new Ti alloy with bone-like modulusWu, CT; Chang, HT; Wu, CY; Chen, SW; Huang, SY; Huang, M; Pan, YT; Bradbury, P; Chou, J; Yen, HW
2020-01Modeling the Impact of Microgravity at the Cellular Level: Implications for Human Disease.Bradbury, P; Wu, H; Choi, JU; Rowan, AE; Zhang, H; Poole, K; Lauko, J; Chou, J
2020-01Modifying and Integrating <i>in vitro</i> and <i>ex vivo</i> Respiratory Models for Inhalation Drug Screening.Cidem, A; Bradbury, P; Traini, D; Ong, HX
2012-01-01Occupy tissue: The movement in cancer metastasisBradbury, P; Fabry, B; O'Neill, GM
2012-02-01PP2A phosphatase suppresses function of the mesenchymal invasion regulator NEDD9Bradbury, P; Mahmassani, M; Zhong, J; Turner, K; Paul, A; Verrills, NM; O'Neill, GM
2020-08-21Properties of rapamycin solid lipid nanoparticles for lymphatic access through the lungs & part I: the effect of size.Landh, E; M Moir, L; Bradbury, P; Traini, D; M Young, P; Ong, HX
2019-05-01Prostaglandin E<inf>2</inf>, but not cAMP nor β<inf>2</inf>-agonists, induce tristetraprolin (TTP) in human airway smooth muscle cellsBradbury, P; Patel, BS; Cidem, A; Nader, CP; Oliver, BG; Ammit, AJ
2021-06Real-time quantitative monitoring of in vitro nasal drug delivery by a nasal epithelial mucosa-on-a-chip model.Gholizadeh, H; Ong, HX; Bradbury, P; Kourmatzis, A; Traini, D; Young, P; Li, M; Cheng, S
2018-08-01Repurposing of statins via inhalation to treat lung inflammatory conditionsBradbury, P; Traini, D; Ammit, AJ; Young, PM; Ong, HX
2022-06-03Testing 3D printed biological platform for advancing simulated microgravity and space mechanobiology research.Silvani, G; Bradbury, P; Basirun, C; Mehner, C; Zalli, D; Poole, K; Chou, J
2022-06Timothy Grass Pollen Induces Spatial Reorganisation of F-Actin and Loss of Junctional Integrity in Respiratory Cells.Bradbury, P; Cidem, A; Mahmodi, H; Davies, JM; Spicer, PT; Prescott, SW; Kabakova, I; Ong, HX; Traini, D
2021-07-05Tobramycin and Colistin display anti-inflammatory properties in CuFi-1 cystic fibrosis cell line.Sheikh, Z; Bradbury, P; Reekie, TA; Pozzoli, M; Robinson, PD; Kassiou, M; Young, PM; Ong, HX; Traini, D